kynection marketing management

Marketing management tool which can provide your team with a solid, digital framework to maximise their impact.

Using this cloud-based module, your Marketing campaigns can be measurable with all reporting and tactical-related content being managed within one centralised space.  

  • Campaign management
  • Event management
  • Branded quotations
  • Branded meeting notes
  • List segmentation
  • Integration with 3rd party marketing software

Using our platform, your leads can be managed through the cycle by your sales team and management teams are able to gain snapshots via powerful business intelligence (BI) databases.

Kynection’s marketing management system will provide you with the tools, training and support necessary to ensure that everyone in the organisation has access to all of the information they require. This means that your sales teams can maximise their opportunities, whilst management teams have access to metrics which allow them to measure overall performance across multiple channels at any given time. It’s an effective way of mapping out a strategy for success as it brings together all aspects of customer acquisition into one place – from lead generation through conversion tracking and reporting - allowing for greater visibility throughout the entire process. With this knowledge, strategic decisions about future campaigns can be made based on reliable results rather than guesswork – enabling better use of resources and ultimately more efficient marketing.

Build your marketing platform to find what works. Then rinse and repeat.

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