Manage everything in one place using this extensive project management tool.

Project Management

Effective project management will be the key to your success in 2020. Our technology will give you the power to prepare your projects, track progress in real-time and manage milestones until close out.  

Project Managers and team members will be able to rely on capturing project-related data in the palm of their hand using smartphone technology.

  • Project Scheduling
  • Team Management
  • Capturing Project-Related Tasks and Form Data
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards
  • Manage Variations
  • Works offline

Imagine having a project management tool that provides a simple and centralised digital space where all project-related files, tasks, notes, forms, costs and schedules are kept.  With Kynection’s technology offering, this (and much more!) can be a reality.

Tighten the shoelaces of your projects and manage everything in one place.


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