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Kynection specialises in providing a comprehensive technology solution for the transport and logistics industry.

With expertise in various segments including bulk (dry and liquid), containers/ISO, courier fleets, dangerous goods, finance, fleet management, general freight, and refrigerated goods, we offer a streamlined and paperless approach to enhance compliance and operational productivity.

Our solution encompasses features such as barcode scanning, proof of delivery (POD) and document imaging, real-time job scheduling, asset tracking, container management, live freight ETA updates, sign-on-glass POD, GPS tracking, driver fatigue systems, pallet management, temperature monitoring, and more. With over a decade of experience, Kynection has been assisting companies in managing their fleets, optimising job management, ensuring safety and compliance, and delivering reliable and efficient transport and logistics services. Choose Kynection for innovative technology solutions that drive success in the industry.

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After showing the positive impact that implementing Kynection’s technology would have on our business, our application was successful and we received $20,000 which was put towards the setup cost.

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Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Compliance

  • Kynection specialises in providing a specialised technology solution for the transport and logistics industry.
  • We help bulk transportation companies manage compliance and improve operational productivity.
  • Our streamlined and paperless solution offers barcode scanning of trailers, proof of delivery (POD) and document imaging, monitoring of power take-off (PTO) operation, and real-time job scheduling with dynamic changes.
  • We ensure accurate management of job items, well-documented POD, and paperless end-to-end job management for various industry segments, including bulk (dry and liquid), courier fleets, dangerous goods, general freight, and refrigerated goods.

Advanced Telematics and Camera Systems

  • Kynection leverages advanced telematics and camera systems to enhance visibility and safety in the transport and logistics industry.
  • Our solution incorporates telematics technologies for GPS tracking, vehicle monitoring, and remote management, providing real-time insights into fleet performance and location.
  • Kynection offers an advanced AI camera system integrated with telematics technology, providing a powerful risk management tool for commercial fleets.
  • The in-vehicle camera recording system captures real-time video incidents and provides GPS tracking, allowing fleet managers to monitor driver behavior and make informed decisions regarding risk management.
  • Kynection's tamper-proof hardware design ensures data is continuously captured and stored in the cloud, allowing analysis of driver safety and practices, reducing incident rates, and improving overall driver safety.

Transport Safety Management Systems (TSMS)

  • Our TSMS includes features such as managing driver training, multiple licenses, and site inductions with interlocks to ensure safety measures are followed.
  • We provide full visibility of critical products from site to site, along with comprehensive tracking and monitoring capabilities, ensuring effective transport safety management throughout the supply chain.
  • Kynection's AI camera system plays a crucial role in transport safety management, reducing the risk of false claims and providing evidence in the event of accidents or incidents.
  • Video footage allows fleet managers to investigate incidents, protect drivers against false accident claims, and implement driver coaching programs for improved safety.
  • Accident prevention and reduction in maintenance costs and insurance premiums.
  • The system detects driver drowsiness and distraction, alerts drivers accordingly, enabling organisations to maintain accurate records of driver behaviour and incidents 

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