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Kynection specialises in providing a comprehensive technology solution for the field services industry.

Welcome to Kynection, your trusted partner in the field services industry. We offer comprehensive technology solutions to enhance operational efficiency, visibility, and compliance across various field service segments. Our tailored offerings cater to the unique requirements of field service providers, ensuring seamless operations from start to finish.

With our advanced job management system, you can streamline workflows, allocate tasks, and monitor progress for timely completion. Our asset management capabilities enable effective tracking and maintenance of valuable resources, including equipment and vehicles. Say goodbye to paperwork with our electronic forms feature, automating data collection and reducing administrative burdens.

Kynection's safety management systems promote a culture of safety, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with industry standards. Monitor safety protocols, conduct assessments, and implement preventive measures to protect your workforce and maintain a safe working environment.

We also offer comprehensive equipment tracking and maintenance solutions, optimising performance and extending the lifespan of your assets. Our cloud-based platform provides easy access to critical information, enhances communication and collaboration, and supports the overall success of your field service business.

Choose Kynection as your technology partner and unlock the potential of your field service operations. Experience streamlined processes, improved safety and compliance, and increased productivity. Book a free demo and discover how our solutions can transform your field services.

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Invoicing out is really easy because everything is there, I just hit the button. So now I’m able to send invoices out and clients are suddenly paying us a lot quicker.

Airtech NZ

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Streamline Field Service Operations

  • Streamline work order management and task assignment processes.
  • Simplify job tracking and status updates for better visibility.
  • Automate scheduling and dispatching to improve response times.
  • Efficiently manage inventory and stock levels for timely service delivery.
  • Enable seamless communication and collaboration between field technicians and the office.

Real-time Visibility and Monitoring

  • Track field activities in real-time for accurate job progress monitoring.
  • Monitor equipment utilisation and performance to optimise maintenance schedules.
  • Implement GPS tracking and geofencing to ensure efficient route planning.
  • Enable real-time communication between field technicians and supervisors.
  • Collect and analyse data to identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and optimise field operations.

Compliance and Safety Management

  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations, certifications, and standards.
  • Implement safety protocols and procedures to mitigate risks and ensure a safe working environment.
  • Automate safety inspections and audits to maintain compliance.
  • Streamline incident reporting and investigation processes.
  • Provide training materials and resources to enhance safety awareness and knowledge among field technicians.

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