Apply best practices in your tender bids through standardisation of your processes.

Kynection has developed the most innovative tender management software for managing tenders, because any business owner knows it can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. Kynection’s tender management software is the perfect way to streamline your tendering process, making simple and quick bids with just One System. Our tender management software acts as a single source of truth for your bids, where you can run through an ISO 9001-compliant evaluation to ensure your organisation is best placed to assign resources to the tender.  

If the decision is made to make a bid, our platform can be used as a centralised repository to manage the whole tender management process.

  • Bid no bid evaluations
  • Tender documentation
  • Prepare submission team
  • Managing tender contacts
  • Tender documentation
  • Manage timelines
  • Works offline

Here at Kynection we know that the process of preparing a bid can be time consuming and doing this manually can be tedious. This is why our digital bid management software is the perfect solution for your business. We can ease the burden of paperwork and streamline the entire bid management and contracting process from start to finish. With automated processes, you no longer have to worry about risky or rushed purchasing decisions. Our bid management software will allow you to get your bids in fast saving you both time and money.

Our platform can be used as a project management tool to build your submission team, store all documentation and ensure that deadlines are managed.  And after the tender is successful, our platform can easily let you convert the tender to a working contract which includes jobs, tasks and building your fulfilment team. We have One System incorporating IS0-9001 tender and bid management.


Quoting and tendering requires quality data, and in a marketplace where discounting is commonplace, it is critical to know whether a bid is go or no-go and a client job is worth the time and energy.We understand that having the right tools for managing your bids is crucial to ensuring an efficient and smooth running business.

Give your team the best chance of success when reaching for the stars!


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