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Approved EWD

Approved EWD

Fatigue Management

Fatigue Management

Your Road to EWD & Fatigue Management Excellence

Efficient Fleet Management with Kynection's EWD

Managing a fleet can be overwhelming, especially when it involves tracking driver hours and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Kynection's NHVR approved Electronic Work Diary (EWD) is the solution you need for effective fleet management.

Seamless Compliance Monitoring

Kynection's EWD streamlines compliance management by effortlessly capturing pre-starts, declarations, and maintenance issues. Real-time notifications for critical metrics like odometer readings and vehicle allocations keep your fleet operating smoothly. Additionally, a user-friendly web portal offers comprehensive insights into Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance and broader transport functions.

Enhanced Fatigue Management

Kynection's EWD simplifies fatigue management by helping drivers track their rest breaks and driving times accurately. The app ensures compliance with fatigue laws, and precise data rounding to the nearest minute helps drivers get back on the road sooner, saving valuable time.

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Electronic Work Diary - Kynection

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Case Study | Control IT

After showing the positive impact that implementing Kynection’s technology would have on our business, our application was successful and we received $20,000 which was put towards the setup cost.

Control IT
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Fleet Management

  • Dashboard & analytical information available through the web portal for CoR and transport functions
  • Automated CoR including fatigue and maintenance with real-time driver breach alerts with follow up action/insights 
  • Odometer, truck & trailer allocations with real-time notifications
  • Covers vehicle maintenance and utilisation, DMRs, and GPS location tracking 
  • Training, licensing, medical & record management - Providing analytics, insights and reporting 
  • Integration with 3rd party TMS (Timesheets & Equipment records)
  • Covers all rule sets, including Standard and Basic Fatigue Management (BFM)


  • Kynection's EWD is the first in Australia and NHVR approved
  • No need to carry a national work diary with an approved EWD in place
  • Helps track rest breaks and driving times to minimise breaking fatigue laws
  • Real-time voice alerts and rest reminders 
  • Available on Apple and Android 
  • Full offline capability - Works Australia-wide (NHVR complaint with WA & NT regulations)
  • Pre-starts, declarations and defective maintenance captured seamlessly
  • Avoid manual data entry with automated workflows
  • Driver maintenance requests
  • Photos and Signatures

Fatigue Management

  • Fully integrated Electronic Work Diary (EWD) for fatigue management.
  • Pioneering EWD in Australia, now in its third generation.
  • Provides rest break reminders and real-time fatigue breach alerts.
  • User-friendly interface for logging work and rest hours.
  • Audio and visual alerts to prevent fatigue breaches.
  • Captures driver declarations and signatures digitally.
  • Tamper-proof tracking of work/rest events.
  • Streamlines driver documentation management.
  • Real-time fatigue checking for CoR and NHVAS Fatigue compliance.
  • Eliminates NHVAS Fatigue paperwork, freeing up back-office resources.

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