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ET55 Tablet | Rugged Tablet for Drivers

Our team will get the elegant personal tablet styling they want, while you get a rugged tablet designed to last for years, exceptional battery power, enterprise-class first-time every time rapid data capture - plus enterprise-class security for your data and centralised manageability.

Whether your users are inside or outside the four walls, our comprehensive family of business accessories makes it easy to customise this tablet to meet the specific needs of just about any job.

  • Enterprise-Class Durability (1.8m drop)
  • Available in Android and Window
  • Wi-Fi and 4G LTE support
  • NFC tags and 1D/2D barcodes
  • Flexible Docking and Mounting Options

TC75X Series | Rugged Mobile Device for Drivers

This professional grade device marries the intuitive and elegant smartphone experience with today’s most advanced enterprise class features. Your workers get everything they need to work smarter and faster, able to deliver the kind of service that will put your business a step above the competition. You get a rugged device built to last for years with everything you need to streamline your workflows and maximise your ROI.

  • Enterprise-Class Durability (2.4m drop)
  • Sign on glass support
  • Available in Android and Window
  • Wi-Fi and 4G LTE support
  • NFC tags and 1D/2D barcodes
  • Gloved finger input support

From world-class voice and data features to snap-on accessories that let you add new capabilities, when and where you need them. Work more efficiently and better serve your customers by giving your drivers enterprise-class handheld devices that survive life on the road and let's them effortlessly feed data back to base.

‚ÄčAvailable in Android Marshmallow with upgrade path to Android N and O.

Robust devices that are designed to survive the fall.

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