document management kynection

Ensure your team has access to the right information, wherever they’re located.

The Kynection technology platform puts a centralised database of company-related documentation in the hands of all of your team members.  The system is ISO 9001 compliant and can store all sorts or documentation including policies, procedures, files and photos from the site.

  • Records management
  • Granular access controls
  • Files, photos and floor plans
  • Integration with One Drive / Google Drive
  • Works offline

The major benefit of our platform is the accessibility with users being able to easily search through the database via keyword when they’re in a position where they need to access the required information.

With Kynection, maintaining company documentation has never been more simple. Inserting or adding documents is effortless and instantaneous to keep team members communicating without hassle.

Finding a particular document is quick and easy with the intelligent search function that provides an instant list of relevant results. Handling personnel requests, assigning tasks, and following-up on project updates are all things you can do at the click of a button – just as much time as browsing for your next coffee. But with less worries about documenting due process, it’s smoother sailing for everyone from new recruits to veteran managers who have be tasked with making sure that important information stays well ordered, accessible and, up-to-date.



Make sure that mission-critical data is accessible 24/7


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