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Case Study | Control IT

Invoicing out is really easy because everything is there, I just hit the button. So now I’m able to send invoices out and clients are suddenly paying us a lot quicker.

Airtech NZ
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One System to manage your

Streamlined, paperless solutions for the modern transport company.

Powerful Modules

One integrated paperless solution for connecting...



Organise your leads effectively with this powerful sales tracking and forecasting CRM system.

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Take the complexity out of employees claiming FBT with their vehicles.

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Job Management

Streamline business processes and ensure your team knows exactly where and when to do what.

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Manage the entire employee lifecycle in one system.

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Standardise your processes with smart workflows and automated scheduling.

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Time & attendance

Digitise your time tracking and ensure it’s managed in a centralised space.

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Streamline the process of conducting audits on internal and external stakeholders.

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Camera Systems

An integrated in-vehicle camera recording system that works as a powerful risk management and driver performance tool.

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Fatigue Management

A fully-integrated Electronic Work Diary (EWD) for both Standard hours and NHVAS Fatigue BFM.

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Risk Management

Ensure your business is well-placed to survive and thrive with a powerful risk management framework.

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Safety Management

Specialised technology solutions to manage your safety management requirements.

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Speed Management

Let us provide you with a powerful auditing tool to examine any sorts of speed breaches.

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Asset Management

Know where your assets are, what shape they’re in, and who will be doing what with ease.

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Equipment Management

State-of-the-art control over your assets with GPS tracking and intelligent dashboards.

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Maintenance Management

Help your team easily capture the necessary data and address what needs to be fixed.

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Made-for-transport mapping solutions to efficiently get your fleet from A to B.

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Manage all of your contracts in a centralised, digital environment.

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Collect feature-rich data from anywhere with electronic forms.

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Provide your team with a solid, digital framework to maximise their impact.

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Project Management

Effective project management gives you the power to prepare your projects, track progress in real-time, and manage milestones until close out.

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Task management

Take the complexity out of task management and orchestrate your team with ease.

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Our team of technology consultants and developers have been responsible for many breakthroughs in the transport and workforce mobility markets.

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