With Kynection we saved 2-3 days a week on processing manual data and day docket disputes have decreased from 20% to less than 5%! (1)

Here at Kynection, we have developed ONE SYSTEM - a beautiful piece of technology that lets you send professional quotes using your mobile.

This means you can send out a quote instantly to your client without getting out the paper and pen!

You can generate quotes , make notes, and get that money from your clients smooth and fast.

Once the personalised quotes are accepted, KIM provides simple workflows to convert them to invoices and then into projects!

Using a digital system allows your business to manage the day-to-day tasks more  efficiently and effectively.

If you are after a business management tool that is designed to maximise your profit and performance - you need KIM. You need ‘ONE SYSTEM’.

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Get your team to generate money from the palm of their hand!

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