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Streamlining Your Business Operations with Unified System Integration

Streamline Your Financial Management

At Kynection, we understand the complexity and challenges of managing business finances. That's why we've developed a comprehensive accounting integration system designed to simplify and enhance your financial operations. Whether you're looking to integrate with an existing accounting system or seeking a seamless connection with new software, Kynection's versatile solutions are here to support your business needs.

Our platform is compatible with a wide array of leading accounting packages, including MYOB, XERO, Microsoft Dynamics, Viewpoint Vista, Sage, Reckon, SAP, and many more, offering out-of-the-box integration capabilities. What sets Kynection apart is our open API, enabling custom integration with any accounting system to meet your unique business requirements.

Transition from traditional paper-based systems to a digital-first approach with Kynection. Our mobile-first strategy not only streamlines administrative processes but also significantly reduces errors, boosts efficiency, and saves valuable time. With Kynection's One System approach, we aim to create a digital backbone for your business, allowing managers and end users to access key business data in one central location.

Accounting Integration | Kynection

Experience the benefits of an integrated accounting system with Kynection

  • Streamlined Business Operations: Eliminate the need for re-entering data across multiple systems with a unified solution.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: Access up-to-date project and cost data for informed financial decisions.
  • Optimised Cash Flow Management: Improve visibility and control over your cash flow.
  • Reduced Manual Entry: Minimise errors and save time with automated data synchronisation.

Kynection's system, KIM, is designed for both field and office teams, facilitating the creation and storage of company data in one place. This data can be sent in real time to accounting packages using pre-built APIs, or we can tailor data flow to meet our clients' specific needs.

Let Kynection transform your financial management processes, empowering your business with efficiency, accuracy, and strategic insight.

MYOB Integration

Kynection expertly integrates with MYOB, covering Exo, Advanced, and AccountRight versions. Our platform seamlessly connects with MYOB for two-way invoices, quotes, purchase orders, payroll, timesheets, expenses, and more, supporting business growth with real-time financial insights and automated processes.

XERO Integration

Kynection offers a robust integration with Xero, establishing a single source of truth by connecting finance with operations. This integration reduces double data entry, streamlines communication, and provides real-time financial data, enhancing operational efficiency across the board.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

We integrate with Microsoft Dynamics Navision, facilitating comprehensive support for finance, manufacturing, and customer relationship management. Our technology enables seamless data flow for invoices, payroll, purchase orders, and other key business operations.

Viewpoint Vista Integration

Kynection's integration with Viewpoint Vista offers a construction accounting suite that simplifies management across office and field teams. This ERP solution provides complete project visibility, streamlines payroll, and ensures data integrity for all areas of construction business management.

Sage Integration

Kynection streamlines operations with Sage, including X3 and Intacct, offering solutions for end-to-end business management from finance to sales. Our integration enhances efficiency, flexibility, and strategic decision-making with real-time analytics and mobile access.

Reckon Integration

Our platform integrates with Reckon for comprehensive accounting software solutions, supporting small to medium businesses and personal users. This integration ensures efficient payroll management, real-time income and cash flow tracking, and easy invoicing.

SAP Integration

Kynection integrates with SAP Enterprise, providing solutions for jobs, equipment maintenance, and more. This ERP software supports businesses in managing operations across various domains, offering real-time project costing, quotes, and operational tracking for enhanced productivity and decision-making.

QuickBooks Integration

Kynection skillfully connects with QuickBooks, facilitating comprehensive financial management by offering smooth integration for invoicing, expense tracking, payroll, and financial reporting. Our solution enhances business efficiency with bidirectional data exchange and real-time insights, ensuring streamlined operations and financial clarity.

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