As a business, we are just like you.

We have experienced change. We have experienced some challenges along the way.

Through a focus on knowledge and continual learning, our aim has always been to build trust and belief with our customers.

And as we’ve moved into different markets and industry sectors, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt.

As a constant throughout our history - like yourselves - we’ve always strived to improve and keep moving forward.

  • May 15, 2019


    Kynection achieved significant milestones, notably securing NHVR approval for their innovative written work diary, Quallogi.

    Kynection's welcomed an impressive array of new partners, with over 40 entities joining their network. Among these notable additions was Sage, a leading name in accounting software. 

    Kynection elevated their software capabilities, implementing substantial enhancements across all modules, including Maintenance, Sales, and Projects. These improvements signify Kynection's unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses in optimising their business workflows.

  • May 15, 2019


    WIth the COVID-19 pandemic affecting Australia and the Kynection headquarters in Melbourne, most of the team transitioned to working from home for the majority of the year. During this time Kynection launched its Ubernar series, a combination of UberEats and webinars, to fill the gap of events that could no longer safely go ahead. 

    Kynection also welcomed several new team members, growing the team further to keep up with demand and ensure ongoing client support was a top priority

  • May 15, 2019


    With the part acquisition of Vertical Matters and diversification of the business into new areas and various new industry sectors, Fleet Effect officially rebranded to “Kynection” in May 2019 - with Knowledge in Motion as the underlying tagline from parent Autolync Pty Ltd.  

    The main source of inspiration behind the name is how the company is determined to help achieve customers make smart business decisions through the connection of people and assets - and the kinetic forces of modern business.

    As part of its continual improvement strategy Kynection hired its first full time Quality consultant and an additional two developers to satisfy customer growth.

  • May 15, 2019


    In 2018 Fleet Effect undertook its first merger by merging 44% of Vertical Matters into the business.  As part of this deal, they tripled their employee headcount and diversified their software portfolio by offering Quality Management Systems allowing customers to receive “Triple ISO Certification” through Quality (ISO9001), Safety (AS/NZ4801) and Environment (ISO14001).  

    As part of this merger, clients such as KONE Elevators, Mitchcon, Underground Cable Systems, VSA Group, and Johns Lyng Group joined the Fleet Effect family.

  • May 15, 2019


    At the 27th Australian Freight Industry Awards (AFIA), the company received industry recognition by winning the “Application of Technology” award.  

    Within the same year, they expanded operations into the Dangerous Goods sector after securing more Tier 1 customer contracts.

  • May 15, 2019


    They moved into the “big data” space by partnering with Yellow Fin to introduce a business intelligence (BI) platform which provided dynamic KPIs for compliance.

  • May 15, 2019


    Fleet Effect further consolidated itself in the market by entering the refrigerated freight industry, while the integrations team successfully connected our technology to one of Australia’s most used transportation management systems (TMS).

  • May 15, 2019


    Fleet Effect added a new business division which concentrated on providing unified systems through system integration.  This lead to breakthrough projects with SAP (jobs, mass and vehicle maintenance) and Volvo (Managing speed compliance via CAN interface).

  • May 15, 2019


    Now with a firm focus on helping fleets manage CoR / NHVAS compliance, Fleet Effect experienced unprecedented growth in 2010 after welcoming onboard their first Tier 1 clients.

    As another first for the Australian market, Fleet Effect’s technology was now helping manage fatigue compliance - both standard and basic fatigue management (BFM) hours.

  • May 15, 2019


    Fleet Effect proved themselves to be a real player in the market by completing Australia’s first pilot for Electronic Work Diaries (EWD) with a QLD-based quarry fleet.  This innovative and successful project was completed in conjunction with the QLD Main Roads and QLD Police.

  • 2008

    During the early phase of the business, the management team had become entrenched within the local heavy vehicle industry and identified a real need in the marketplace for systems that would help transport operators manage heavy vehicle compliance (NHVAS and CoR), as it was increasing in complexity and becoming too much for many companies to manage.

    Based on the skillset of the management team (Courtney Smith, Kasie Smith and John Tsoucalas), this change-in-direction was perfect as they’d all come from consulting backgrounds with focuses on operational process and compliance.

  • 2006

    Fleet Effect was born in 2006 with a focus on creating technology that would help heavy vehicle operators manage operations and reduce their impact on the environment.  

    In fact, they were part of a small consortium of companies who set out with the ambitious goal of developing the world’s first 100% LPG powered Mercedes Actros B-Double.  

    Although the project successfully came to life, complexities in the market meant that it wouldn’t last as a commercial venture.  So the business had to adapt.

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