Our 'ONE SYSTEM' approach enables over 4,500 users to store and manage data through the cloud on their mobile phones, computers, or tablets. They can access all aspects of their business in one place with real-time visibility and live updates.



We're a team of passionate, hard-working individuals who work together to deliver high quality products and services to our customers. We have a strong focus on teamwork and enjoy regular team bonding exercises including team lunches and sporting adventures.


Connected Devices

There are over 5,000 connected devices implemented by Kynection out in the field and on the road, including GPS, mobile devices, integrated camera systems, and smart padlocks.

The future is in glass, not on paper. As technology continues to evolve and improve, more businesses find that digital systems allow for more efficiency and productivity than their paper counterparts. At Kynection we believe in the 'ONE SYSTEM' approach and helping businesses grow and improve their processes by transitioning to a paperless system.

Through a focus on knowledge and continual learning, our aim has always been to build trust and belief with our customers. We believe in continual improvement and always strive to keep moving forward. As we move into different markets and industry sectors we pride ourselves on being able to adapt.

Our Culture

At Kynection we are committed to family values and the believe in balancing work and personal life. Our staff work in a safe and welcoming environment where we encourage personal and career growth, as Kynection has always grown from within the ranks where capability and employee interest match. We always stay connected in and out of the office and strive to celebrate the successes of all our employees.

Kynection - One System - Integrated Management System

Pushing Boundaries Since 2006

Our team of technology consultants and developers have been responsible for many breakthroughs in the transport and workforce mobility markets.

One System for Growth

  • Optimise Teamwork by Converting “Paper to Glass”
  • Provide Clients Real-Time Communication
  • Remotely Manage Employees, Suppliers & Subbies
  • Win More Tenders, Bids and Contracts
  • Stand Out in Customer Service
  • End to End Supply Chain Fulfilmen

One System for Compliance

  • ISO9001 (Quality), ISO45001 (OHS)
  • and ISO14001 (Environment)
  • Chain of Responsibility (CoR)
  • Work Health Safety (WHS)
  • Safety Management Systems
  • NHVAS, HCAAP and Dangerous Goods
  • Licensing, Qualifications, Certification & Training
  • Risk Management

One System for Knowledge

  • Automated Data Capture
  • Integration with External Systems
  • Business Intelligence for One Company and Subsidiary Companies
  • Reporting and Analytics Customised to Your Business KPI’s
  • Customer Portal for your Client Self Service

See what our team has to say

Integrated Management System IMS Kynection software



“Working at Kynection has really allowed me to increase my skillset in both dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis and software development. When I first started here I was welcomed as part of the team and it was easy for me to settle in quickly.”

Integrated Management System IMS Kynection software


HSEQ Manager

"We work very well together as a team and have a workplace wellness program in place that gives us the opportunity to bond. The work is always interesting and challenging, and allows us to grow and gain new knowledge. I love my team and am proud of our brand and our work."

Integrated Management System IMS Kynection software



“With the varied clientele and industries Kynection is involved with, they really provide the chance to challenge yourself with interesting projects and expand your knowledge and skill in your field. With a great work culture, including company wide health and lifestyle events, Kynection is striving to make sure you can be the best version of yourself possible.”

Benefits to keep you coming back for...


Enjoy working for a company that values their employees and believes that everyone should enjoy coming to work. We have an extremely low employee turnover built on a safe and fun working environment.


Our team run a monthly wellness lunch that provides staff with the opportunity to relax with a guided meditation session and enjoy a healthy lunch before returning to work. We also provide regular off-site wellness and team bonding activities.


We hire without prejudice and operate an inclusive, safe working environment for all staff members. We celebrate diversity and strive to create a safe work environment for all employees.


We provide Christmas bonuses and support salary growth on regular employee reviews. We also offer a bonus system for projects that are completed against our values of "on time - on target".


At Kynection we work very hard to put our people on display and value their skills and personalities. Our staff enjoy working in a supportive environment and know that we have their backs.


We have an open policy for training and knowledge growth that allows employees to educate themselves and improve their skills. We value the skills our employees have and regularly provide opportunities for growth.

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