Organise your leads effectively with this powerful sales tracking and forecasting CRM.

With our technology platform, you give your sales staff the ability to track phone calls, manage meetings, make notes and set up tasks to ensure they have everything they need to close deals.

  • Record email correspondence
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Tracking
  • Sales forecasting
  • Deal Commissions
  • Powerful Filtering
  • Works offline

For each opportunity that is created, management teams can know which stage it is in, who worked on it, what happened so far and how likely it is to close.  Using Kynection’s powerful CRM tool, you can predict with accuracy what actual sales are going to look like next week, next month and next quarter to make better decisions.

kynection sales and crm

Customer relationship management and accounting go hand-in-hand. With a customer relationship management system that integrates into your business systems you can easily keep track of sales catalogues, quotes, invoices, and contact history. You can only make money if you keep your customers happy, and if they’re happy then they’re more likely to make you money.

The ability to maintain happy customers comes down to communication, honesty, transparency, and accurate feedback, but you can’t do this without an integrated CRM and customer engagement platform.

Put the power to close deals in the palm of your team’s hands.


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