As Australia's largest Upvise partner, Kynection have an experienced team of local support staff that can ensure that your organisation achieves optimal results with this world-class workforce mobility application. Our team can get you started efficiently, integrate with external applications and remove current barriers you have in your way.

Request a meeting and speak with our team of consultants who are keen to learn more about your current operations and identify opportunities where processes can be automated thanks to Upvise.

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Upvise - Kynection - One system

We have one system for growth, compliance, knowledge, teams, and assets

We're proudly certified using our own technology, and with Upvise we can help you become certified too. Kynection focuses on creating innovative transport and workplace mobility solutions with Upvise, and assists companies with transitioning to paperless technology. Our team of technology consultants and developers have been responsible for many breakthroughs in the transport and workforce mobility markets. At Kynection, we are determined to help customers make smart business decisions through the connection of people and assets.

Time and attendance - One system - software solutions
Job Management - One system - software solutions
Safety Management - One system - software solutions

We have Australia's largest support team dedicated to Upvise

When you work with Kynection as an Upvise partner, you'll have a team of experienced business consultants at your disposal who'll be committed to achieving a successful implementation as efficiently as possible.

If your business currently uses other technology or is moving to a digital framework for the first time, you'll see that our focus on change management is what sets ourselves apart from other technology consultants.

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