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As Australia's largest Upvise partner, Kynection have an experienced team of local support staff that can ensure that your organisation achieves optimal results with this world-class workforce mobility application. Our team can get you started efficiently, integrate with external applications and remove current barriers you have in your way.

Request a meeting and speak with our team of consultants who are keen to learn more about your current operations and identify opportunities where processes can be automated thanks to Upvise.

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Seamless Migration from Upvise & KIM

  • Comprehensive Integration: Efficiently integrate Upvise or KIM with external applications to enhance your existing systems without disruptions.
  • Barrier Removal: Our experienced team specialises in identifying and removing obstacles to ensure a smooth transition to Upvise for your organisation.
  • Custom Automation Opportunities: Discover how Upvise can automate your processes, increasing efficiency and reducing manual work across various operations including HR, contractor management, and CRM.
  • Dedicated Consultation: Engage with our consultants to explore your current operations and identify how Upvise can streamline and improve your business workflows.

Unmatched Performance and Support

  • Fastest App Speeds in Australasia: Benefit from the highest application performance levels in the region, ensuring your team can operate with maximum efficiency.
  • Local Development and Support Team: Access Australia's largest dedicated Upvise support team, providing localised, timely assistance and development expertise.
  • Exclusive KIM Features: Utilise KIM’s unique features such as NHVR Approved EWD, advanced CRM, and integrated GPS systems for enhanced operational capabilities and compliance.
  • Continuous Innovation and Improvement: With our focus on innovation, benefit from ongoing updates and enhancements to Upvise and KIM, keeping your business at the forefront of technology.

Advanced Features and Integration Capabilities

  • Comprehensive Management Solutions: With KIM, manage everything from HR to subcontractors, inventory, and projects with advanced modules designed for comprehensive oversight.
  • Innovative Technology Integration: Leverage integrated camera and GPS systems, live GPS with custom overlays, and advanced mapping to keep your operations ahead of the curve.
  • Robust Compliance and Safety Tools: Ensure compliance with features like Fatigue Management, Safety & Risk Management, and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) support to meet regulatory standards effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Connectivity and Data Security: Benefit from 100% offline availability, open API integration, and data storage within Australia, backed by a dedicated local support team to maintain operational continuity and data integrity.


    • Customisable eForms & Documents (Including advanced dynamic form templates)
    • Audit templates, Inspection & test plans, Project audits
    • Human Resources



We have one system for growth, compliance, knowledge, teams, and assets

We're proudly certified using our own technology, and with Upvise we can help you become certified too. Kynection focuses on creating innovative transport and workplace mobility solutions with Upvise, and assists companies with transitioning to paperless technology. Our team of technology consultants and developers have been responsible for many breakthroughs in the transport and workforce mobility markets. At Kynection, we are determined to help customers make smart business decisions through the connection of people and assets.

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We have Australia's largest support team dedicated to Upvise

When you work with Kynection as an Upvise partner, you'll have a team of experienced business consultants at your disposal who'll be committed to achieving a successful implementation as efficiently as possible.

If your business currently uses other technology or is moving to a digital framework for the first time, you'll see that our focus on change management is what sets ourselves apart from other technology consultants.

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