Q&A with Roadsafe Asphalt

Kynection: What were the key problems you faced before working with Kynection as a technology partner?

Daniel Gent: We managed around 20-30 jobs a day and found that there was a lot of human error using spreadsheets and were being double-booked. There was also a lot of actual paperwork going onto each one – let alone all of the back and forth emails.

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Kynection: What systems did you have in place at Roadsafe Asphalt prior to using KIM (by Kynection)?

Daniel Gent: Before working with Kynection we just used an Excel, paper-based system. This was quite reliable up until the point where we couldn’t correlate any of the data easily. The spreadsheets we were using were to hold databases and only had basic functions in regards to showing job changes. All of our jobs had individual patches and individual set ups and we kept track of all of these using these spreadsheets. 

It was also very time consuming and we needed a new system to make everything easier to understand and analyse – plus make everyone accountable.

Kynection: What interested you about Kynection during the selection process?

Daniel Gent: In a simple sense, we wanted to have a paperless system that would let us manage our team in one place.  It was important to standardise our job management, quoting and maintenance systems.  Kynection demonstrated that they could let us manage all of this in one system that integrated to our accounting package (Reckon Accounts Hosted).

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Kynection: How did Kynection approach customising the system to suit your requirements during the implementation phase?

Daniel Gent: It was an extensive process that required software re-programming to try and amalgamate the systems and processes that we already had. I worked with the team at Kynection quite closely to upgrade the system and what we wanted to achieve has all been worked into KIM. 

There are always little tweaks that you can do to make it better, but KIM has been really good. It’s been really useful with simple things like coding the names of the jobs a bit better for our clients, or setting up the systems so that everyone in the crew is now able to see the jobs that they’re doing. We needed to make these changes and the team at Kynection has been able to make it happen.

Kynection: What are some key examples of how the technology helps Roadsafe Asphalt on a daily basis?

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Daniel Gent: One of the main benefits that we have right now is the ability to track all the jobs and being able to record all the jobs. 

The completed PDFs that we can create are amazing, especially as we are able to put toolboxes in, attach extra files and completed reports, include before and after photos, and lots more. It’s all formatted in a document that is automatically created and sent off to us at the end of a job. Instead of having to send completed photos through, it’s just there. We don’t get clients coming back to us asking for extra information. That was a massive selling point for us. 

The mobile app is really starting to come along too for us. It’s very easy for our crews to see and they are reading the system quite well. We also never have to chase Kynection up about any issues and they are always sorted very quickly. We usually don’t have to wait more than an hour or two.

Kynection: How has the integration with Reckon Accounts Hosted made an impact on Roadsafe Asphalt?

Daniel Gent: The quoting side of things is great. Having a cloud-based system allows us to see what everyone is quoting, see the money that’s coming in, see what is being invoiced, and see where everyone is at. We have all the records from the invoices in both systems, which makes it easy to keep track of things.

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