Say Goodbye to Paperwork with an Effective Document System

Say Goodbye to Paperwork with an Effective Document System

Imagine a world where you could effortlessly manage your documents. This could become reality by implementing an efficient document management system into your business. 

Construction is a hands-on industry. In order to get things done, construction workers need access and control of all resources at their disposal – which includes documents as well.

We all know how time-consuming and frustrating it is when we waste hours looking for information or trying to figure out where a particular document went. Now imagine if this happened every single day! Wouldn’t your life feel like absolute hell?

To make sure that doesn’t happen again, all you need to do is implement an efficient document management system, so you never have to deal with wasting valuable hours searching for your documents. 

Having a document management system will make your construction projects so much easier.

With automatic revision control, you can be sure that project team members are always opening the latest version of any given document—everything is automatically updated in real-time.

Where do we even begin with the disadvantages of using a paper form document management system…..

  • Paper documents can take up a lot of space, as do the filing cabinets that hold them
  • Printed documents can be easily lost or mishandled, whereas digital data can be encrypted 
  • Paper documents are fragile and can be easily damaged or even stolen. A fire or natural disaster could result in the loss of essential information. If you don’t have any copies, once the documents are gone, there is no way of getting the information back
  • If you want to edit a paper document, you will need to re-write all the content again
  • Transporting paper documents can be a difficult, slow and inefficient process 
  • The cost of paper, printers, ink, photocopier, stationery and other office supplies is expensive
  • Paper documents make collaboration and communication difficult

The old ways of doing things are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With everything from paperless offices and filing cabinets being replaced by digital documents, many contractors may still rely heavily upon both forms or even multiple software applications for their business needs–but wouldn’t you feel more organised if your entire workflow was integrated into one system?

Did you know that KIM ‘One System’ by Kynection, allows you to control and share all your policies, procedures, contracts, agreements, standards, work procedures, certifications and training records in one place?

How often do you hear excuses from your workforce like “I didn’t know this” , “I didn’t see this” or – “Ooops, I missed that bit”. KIM’s Knowledgebase provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your key documentation is available to all staff at all times. 

An efficient document management system is a must in the construction industry. It can help you keep track of everything from materials to safety checklists and even timesheets!

KIM allows you to obtain signatures from your staff to confirm that they read, understood and agreed to comply with your company’s protocols.

KIM also uses smart electronic forms with smart electronic workflows that ensure that all mandatory fields are completed in a timely manner and follow the required chains of command in your organisation. 

Whether you are obtaining personal and confidential information, completing a SWMS or sharing an equipment maintenance policy around – your documentation is secure, controlled and is easily accessible to your staff from anywhere and at any given time. 

You can edit your procedures directly within KIM or add them as attachments. KIM supports most common file formats and provides a variety of text editing tools.
Charts, diagrams, images or videos can all be easily included in your KIM Knowledgebase from any mobile device. 

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