Maintenance Management

Completing pre-start checklists and reporting defects on a truck, trailer, or asset is now a breeze.

Help your team collect data and automate the close out process

Running maintenance checks on your truck, trailer or asset is a simple process as all your team member needs to do is scan or tap their mobile device and your checklists can be automatically presented for completion.  Users simply need a login and they can manage the process using their tablet or smartphone - whether it's an Apple or Android device.

Many operators are now use Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies when it comes to letting team members use their own device at work.  Whether your company provides mobile devices for your team or you're following the BYOD pathway, all the users need to be is download the App from the App Store or Google Play store.

Kynection offers a state-of-the-art "closed loop" maintenance management system that automates the process of task allocation as any issues are identified.  Access to the system can be controlled and the platform is able to convert any existing forms you use into a digital format on KIM.

Sign, Raise, Review

  • Fixed plant and mobile equipment
  • Sign on glass driver declaration with interlocks to prevent driver bypassing process, to ensure optimal maintenance management
  • Raise a DMR with associated photographs at any time during a driver shift
  • Review any DMR in the past 60 days to confirm repair status will ensure an accurate record-keeping system for maintenance management purposes

Custom & Real-Time

  • Qualified mechanics/technicians can close or raise new DMR’s during repair or servicing activities to ensure quality maintenance management
  • Customised servicing and maintenance management
  • Forced workflow pre-starts and driver declarations
  • Real-time closed loop defect management

Productivity Improvement

  • Customised drag and drop scheduling for maintenance management
  • Historical fault and service analysis can help ensure your maintenance management is up to date
  • Workshop PO inventory workflow and parts allocation
  • Workshop productivity improvement with accurate time and cost management

Act upon critical problems immediately.

Effective maintenance management is a critical success factor when it comes to equipment management. When you have an effective paperless system for maintenance management, it ensures your managers are receiving alerts and acting on problems immediately so they can keep the production line moving smoothly without downtime or lost revenue.

When maintaining your fleet of vehicles and equipment, it is vital to have an efficient maintenance management system in place. This will help ensure that operators are safe while getting their jobs done. Without a reliable maintenance management system for tracking issues when they occur, you're left guessing which pieces of equipment need attention next.

The KIM maintenance management module is a powerful tool that will let you apply best practices in risk management and operational productivity.

maintenance management - Kynection - One system

Ensure your fleet runs smoothly by identifying and fixing problems before they become costly issues

With our Maintenance Management System, drivers can review all faults raised on an asset for the last 60 days. They'll also be able to see if a particular fault has been closed out and what actions were taken as result of it.

KIM lets you implement a structured maintenance management program which covers both planned and unplanned work orders.  The platform includes an easy-to-use interface that lets your management team map out responsibilities and close-out pathways as issues are identified.

In any case, your organisation can adopt a maintenance management system that performs up to ISO9001 Quality standards.

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