Your “Secret Source” – Capturing Better Data with a Business Management System

Your “Secret Source” – Capturing Better Data with a Business Management System

A paperless business management system makes data collection easy

Most successful companies would say that having a structured business management system in place is essential. Many companies spend enormous amounts of company time and money perfecting those business processes required (their secret source) to maximise customer value and profits. 

Without taking too long to think about it, can you say with certainty that your business can immediately review and action any of the following metrics?

  • Client Promises and KPI’s
  • Time and Materials Usage
  • Near Misses and Incidents
  • Equipment and Asset Utilisation
  • Inventory and Stock Control
  • Billable Works and Invoicing

So the big question is how many companies do you believe can accurately measure the effectiveness of their system on the same day that they deliver their “unique business service” to their customer? 

“We would argue that only companies using a digital business management system that integrates all aspects of their business processes can accurately assess key business metrics on the same day they provide their products or services”

Without the ability to immediately action and drive value from the data collected inside your business management system, or any system for that matter, you will unlikely see the true value in that system. 

Field data collection is one of the highest impacts to the operational efficiency of your business system and how your teams make decisions. If we asked 100 companies using manual data collection what their pains are, 90 of those 100, would suggest lagging or inaccurate data collection as a primary issue.

Paperless systems are the best solution for automating data collection and ensuring workflows run smoothly and seamlessly. Technology provides the capability to automatically populate data and other information to reduce the time spent on manual data entry and ensure your business is running as efficiently as possible.

business management system with data capture

Are inefficient processes slowing down your business?

Data input is often manual and requires people to fill out extensive forms and paperwork, which is both cumbersome and time-consuming. It can slow processes down and creates a larger administrative burden. This prevents your field staff from being able to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Information such as pre-start checklists, equipment defects, job cards, incident reporting and timesheets aren’t accessible in real time, which means you won’t be able to easily track what’s happening out in the field. You won’t have access to critical information when your team needs it to make important business decisions. Without a paperless business management system you won’t be able to instantly review any incidents, accidents, maintenance, or equipment failures out in the field and immediately review them and take the necessary action.

If you don’t have a digital business management system in place you will find that your operational efficiency will decrease, causing issues for staff in the field and potentially causing interruptions to jobs.Using a paperless system will provide you with visibility over all aspects of your business and will ensure that your processes all run smoothly.

Keep all of your data in a centralised, digital space

With a paperless system in place you won’t need to worry about storing data in multiple places. A digital business management system provides your business with a centralised space where you can collect and store data with ease. This will ensure your team has access to mission-critical data 24/7.

Storing files on a computer and categorising them in folders isn’t necessarily the most effective way to store data anymore. With a digital system that works online and offline you’ll be able to access the data you need wherever you go. This means whether you’re out in the field, or in the office, you’ll be able to view the same information from your phone, tablet, or computer in a meaningful context to the tasks undertaken.

paperless business management system

With a paperless system your forms can contain dozens of different elements:

  • Questions
  • Labels
  • Sections
  • Date
  • Time
  • True/false options
  • Text fields
  • Dropdown lists
  • Multi-selects

Forced workflows ensure faster and more efficient data collection

When you have staff out in the field filling out critical forms on paper, you’re at risk of losing this data. Paper systems aren’t reliable as they have a higher chance of human error and require more manual data entry. If you’re concerned about capturing data effectively then a paperless business management system is the best solution.

You can put field staff through forced workflows to prevent them from submitting incomplete forms, or not submitting them at all, as well as automatically delegating jobs or tasks to them. This will allow you to keep track of jobs and incidents more effectively. 

Electronic forms modules will help your team to easily collect feature-rich data from the field and store it in one system. You won’t have to worry about reviewing stacks of paperwork only to discover information is missing. All of the information you need is in the palm of your hand with a paperless system.

Make the switch to a paperless system and watch your business reap the benefits

With a paper-based system in place you may be able to ensure your business runs effectively, but you won’t be able to use it to its full capacity without the ability to automate and push field data into the system.

Data input can be cumbersome without automated processes and forced workflows. There is no way of ensuring processes and procedures are completed correctly, and no way to ensure data isn’t lost.

By using a paperless business management system you will be able to remove the manual processes and create more streamlined workflows. Any data collection out in the field will be automatically sent back to the office, making it easy to share and use internally or externally.

If you are a business owner who loves to have processes in place to achieve incredible “secret source” outcomes, then nothing can lift your ideas more than a well thought out digital business system. The caveat to that is whether that system is still relying on paper? If it is, now is the time to transition to paperless technology!

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