Kynection provides electronic forms modules that will help your team easily collect feature-rich data from the field.  

Kynection offers electronic forms (eForms) that can put the power in your workforce's hands.  The eForms can contain dozens of different elements including questions, dropdown lists, text fields, date, time, sections, labels, multi-selects, and true/false options.  

Workers can be put through forced workflows so no-one gets away with submitting incomplete forms, plus other team members can be automatically delegated jobs (i.e. Repair asset) when certain criteria is met.

  • GPS & timestamps
  • Works offline
  • Approval workflows
  • Calculations and formulas
  • NFC & barcode scanning
  • Signature capture
  • Custom branded PDF export

Our team can provide a turnkey solution for all of your data capturing needs or your team will be able to learn how to build simple, or complex forms in minutes.

pre-start eform Kynection

Electronic forms software allows your team immediate access to client information and a transparent method for customers to easily access the information they need. They’ll be more confident in your ability to deliver to site if you’re open with your (their) data.

We recommend that any company who collects data from the field needs the following as a bare minimum:

  • Forms and documentation are completed by workers using mobile technology (phones or tablets) for convenience
  • Workers follow forced workflow processes, which ensure that nothing can be submitted incomplete
  • Systems are in place to notify other stakeholders in real-time when exemptions need addressing

Let us move your forms from paper to glass!


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