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Kynection offers a powerful solution, electronic forms, which are also referred to as e-forms and smart forms. Our e-form technology can put the power in your workforce's hands on any connected device. E-forms allow access to your system in a fully non connected state “Offline”, with no internet connection. The e-forms can be customised depending on your specific needs, containing dozens of different elements including questions, dropdown lists, text fields, date, time, sections, labels, complex lookups, mathematical formulas, linked data, multi-selects, and true/false options “we turn complex into simple”.

Kynection's e-forms are a digital solution that can help your organisation reduce its paper consumption and ensure reliable workflows, no matter what your business needs are.

Handwriting and general form input can be a challenge for many people, especially those working outdoors, in harsh weather conditions or have a form of Dyslexia . Our e-forms are the perfect solution because you no longer have to try and understand messy or illegible handwriting, which takes up valuable time on site and translation back at the office.

Customers and users have multiple ways to input information, however the method they love best is the voice input method, as it is a super fast way to verbally enter information within the form.

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E-forms are a time-saving and stress relieving method that ensures your documents are automatically filed. The days of filing cabinets are long gone, and we never want to go back. Imagine having all your information at hand without taking up any valuable space in a stuffy cabinet! This can become reality when you store all your information within the One System. Storing paper can be costly to your organisation and also a health hazard , these documents must be stored for up to 7 years!

Paper forms can be unreliable for capturing data, which is where smart forms come in handy. Smart forms allow you to check whether the information being captured and formatted is correct e.g. telephone number or email and linked data such as the underlying project module. This provides structured data which allows you to create detailed reports and dashboards. The convenience of smart forms is life changing. You can complete them automatically and get the calculations done for you, reducing your chances of making an error when filling out forms. There is no need to take your computer out of your bag when everything can be completed on a phone or tablet.

When it comes to audit time, everything is right at your fingertips - saving tons of precious hours within your week!

Easily Accessible

  • Electronic forms work offline, from anywhere at anytime
  • Easily work on the go with electronic forms, no need to go back to the office for documents!
  • No more misplaced documents, forms are all stored in ONE SYSTEM

Time Efficient

  • Approval workflows means decisions and approvals can be made faster, meaning no more wasted time waiting for a hard copy to be circulated
  • Electronic forms contain calculations and formulas which are automated meaning increased productivity and reduced costs
  • Automated calculations means there is less chance of errors

Staying Compliant

  • With electronic forms, get signatures on the spot, delivering greater efficiency and providing proof that the information within the form is correct
  • Immediately find relevant documentation when it is time for an audit, assisting you to meet compliance requirements in a timely manner
  • Electronic forms can help you avoid any compliance risks, ensuring there is no incomplete or inaccurate information, which can be identified on the spot with forced workflows

Saves you time and money

Smart forms are the low-cost, easy-to use solution that will save time onsite while completing jobs quicker than ever before. Our team can provide a turnkey solution for all of your data capturing needs or your team will be able to learn how to build simple, or complex forms in minutes. With e-forms, your information is always available providing real time information from the field to the office. Electronic forms allow for custom approval workflows to be made faster, because there is no need to distribute paperwork physically; everyone sees the information at the same time.

Paper-based filing systems are high cost, and can be difficult to manage and store the records. The use of an electronic form means that updates can be made automatically, by as many people as you need. There’s no printing or scanning, it's all done electronically using your smart device. The use of electronic signatures is a great way for supervisors to sign off on any requests without having documents printed and risk getting lost. A key benefit of an e-form is that it is automatically routed by the system, allowing you to be notified if a form needs your attention. It can be completed from any location with just one click of a button!

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Filling out forms on the go has never been easier

Electronic forms software allows your team immediate access to client information and a transparent method for customers to easily access the information they need even if they don't have a WIFI or mobile data connection. Customers will be more confident in your ability to deliver critical paperwork from the worksite. Any form can be converted to a smartform and custom exports are available in Excel, PDF & API to ensure all requirements are covered.

Smartforms allow your team to fill out forms on the go. This ensures crucial inductions and safety checklists are completed as fast as possible to a forced compliant level, to minimise the double handling of traditional processes. You'll be able to make informed decisions when away from your desk, with access to your documents from anywhere at any time.

We know you are busy, which is why we have created our e-forms and automated workflows to help your company reduce manual work and to improve accuracy and efficiency within your business.

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