Make Lap Time Decisions More Precise with Project Management Software

Make Lap Time Decisions More Precise with Project Management Software

Intelligent business information can be provided through the right project management software to ensure better decision making.

Friction is the biggest hurdle to success as a customer, project manager or business owner, but with workflow orientated project management software your processes can run smoothly. 

The less friction you have within your business, the easier it will be to make critical business decisions. When you’re working across multiple systems and databases, or still working with paper, it’s hard to manage the different workflows and data points. A one-system approach provides the consistency and accuracy your business needs to make critical decisions in a timely manner and through one intelligent interface. 

We know you’re thinking….. I have systems and you would be right, except for the fact that those systems are generally not connected and certainly don’t talk, which is why having access to one-system makes sense.

Points in motor car racing are awarded to all cars that have covered 75% of the race distance. Keeping track of progress milestones like racing to points is just as important in business, if you want every job and project to be successful.

When you’re in the field or on the road it’s important to have access to the data you need to make decisions on-the-go. Relying on paper-based systems for these processes makes everyone’s jobs harder as paper cannot be updated and shared in real-time with the relevant team members. 

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When you’re on the race track you need updates, particularly items that affect performance immediately, not after the fact, when it’s too late Don’t lose speed within your business by relying on outdated paper-based systems.

Giving your clients access to the technology that runs your business in a discrete and reliable manner has the potential to add value and improve your relationship, which in turn improves the likelihood of future business. If a client can see that your operations run smoothly and efficiently, they’ll have more trust in your systems and in your ability to deliver on time, every time.

Create workflows with project management software that integrates with every department to ensure communication is clear throughout the program.

Providing your clients with transparency and ease of access to information, solutions, and lodging issues that are available in a simple and intuitive client interface becomes a critical component of what clients are beginning to expect. Most systems are designed to keep clients away for the information for fear it will be detrimental. A fast growing ideology is to open the books and be a team. Clients expect that you are making money and if they’re not then maybe they’re clients that you don’t want.

If you can’t see through the windscreen, you won’t be able to see where you’re going. Keep communication clear and your journey will much easier and you will not hit the bumps you could not see otherwise.

Paper based systems might have been the way of the past, but to ensure growth and consistency into the future it is paperless systems that are leading the way. When you’ve got staff on the road, in the field, and in the office, you need to be able to share information simultaneously in a simple way. The future of work suggests that any company still operating in paper in the year 2024 is 5 times more likely to fail than those which operate digitally.

With automated workflows in place data can easily flow from the system to the relevant people with ease. Information can be transferred at the touch of a button without the need for manual data entry or for paper forms to be passed around the office.

Gated workflows also mean that the next step won’t be carried out until all the necessary information has been added in. This prevents your team members from submitting forms without the correct information and will ensure that the necessary data is always available for the job.

Let your technology speak for you on the race track to get that 1 sec laptime advantage, make sure you think the same and add value to every job.

If you want to be able to make better business decisions and show your clients that you’re on top of projects, having technology that allows you to do this will add value to your business. Knowing when a delivery is likely to happen and having access to safety records on the job makes your life easier but also shows your clients that you’re always prepared. Imagine the value your team weill feel if compliance is done as a subset of their business functions as opposed to a standalone work piece!

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People won’t question the tech a race team uses if they use the best componentry in the business. Ensure your technology does the talking by using the best systems to manage your projects more efficiently.

When it comes to project management software, you need to find what works best for your business. Off-the-shelf software may seem more affordable and easier to set up, but it won’t be tailored specifically for your business. This is becoming a much larger issue as the shift from paper. Is normally with cheaper silo focused solutions that “don’t talk together”. Would you rather have something that’s designed for everyone, or designed just for you? We all know the importance of communication between people, the importance of communication between systems is just as important.

During the process of finalising projects and jobs for clients, you need to be able to make decisions quickly and effectively. Relying on paper-based systems, that don’t talk, to run your business successfully, won’t allow you to function as well as you could, and won’t allow you to show your clients your full potential as a business.

If you’re looking for a way to make your business more cost-effective and run more efficiently, paperless project management software is the best solution for you. It’s simple to drive projects home successfully every time with a system that always has your back and Kynection offers our market leading business performance improvement platform KIM for the astute purchaser who wants to be different.

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