The NHVR Approves Agnostic Device Application for Q by Quallogi!

The NHVR Approves Agnostic Device Application for Q by Quallogi!

NHVR approves Agnostic Device Application for Q by Quallogi. It’s a breakthrough for the increased uptake of EWDs in Australia.

After Q by Quallogi, became an approved EWD platform in May 2021, they quickly became the first EWD technology provider to offer an Approved Version for Apple device users. Unfortunately it could not offer the market wide reaching device support due to the limitation in the approval process from NHVR for Android and Apple devices. That has changed! 

Q by Quallogi can now offer the massive Android and Apple user base what they all want, an EWD that can work on the devices they own, dropping entry costs for EWD users by thousands of dollars compared with proprietary hardware solutions offered by other suppliers. 

Quallogi are now proud to announce that, together with NHVR, they have been working to provide fleet managers, individual owner drivers or casual agency drivers with the opportunity to use their own devices through our “device agnostic” approval.  

Under this approval Quallogi has full autonomy and rights to validate the devices that Q can be approved on. Basically this means that if it’s available on Google Play or on the Apple Stores, it will likely be approved to manage fatigue using an EWD on Australian roads. 

Courtney Smith (CEO, Quallogi) states, “This approval represents a huge win for truck drivers and operators throughout Australia and reduces a significant barrier towards gaining mass adoption for EWD. We’re projecting 5-10X growth in uptake of EWDs in the next 2-3 years as we cross the early adopter stage of EWD usage. We are super excited to see Q evolve to the amazing product it has become, priced extremely competitively and designed for the needs of industry, no matter your fleet size.  I personally can’t wait to announce a few industry firsts coming over the next 6 months. I believe it’s time for the whole Transport industry to flourish in this new digital expansion age!”

Download Q by Quallogi at the App Store or Play Store.

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