Choice is a Stick With No Carrot

Choice is a Stick With No Carrot

When the ancient Greeks invented democracy around the fifth century B.C.E, they gave their people the power of choice. But back then, democracy was different – because it forced all citizens of Athens to participate in important government decisions, and the voting was made by the raising of hands. 

We tend to relate to the freedom of choice as one of our most cherished liberties and powers. We are the lucky ones, living in a democratic society where we all take these basic freedoms for granted until something drastic happens that takes away or limits our control. Strangely enough, ‘DRASTIC’ is also the name of an online group investigating one of such events – the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Of course, we have all heard enough about this virus in the last two years, so in this article we will not cover matters such as the “stocking-up on toilet paper” or “using medical or fabric face masks”. Instead, we will simply unload and unpack two simple facts, which are equally true for Covid 19, your truck fleet and your personal life. Ready?

A – We all dislike forced conditions, and 

B – There are always only three real choices – Yes, No and Maybe. 

Whenever society is faced with change – whether it is technology, food, fashion, music styles, TV shows or laws and regulations you will see a clear and almost instant division: The people who say no, the people who are on the fence, and those who are already on it – the early adopters. It happened with smart phone applications, online shopping, Bitcoin, electric cars, and most recently the Covid Vaccine.

The difference between the early adopters, the people who say no and the people who are on the fence comes right down to their barriers of adaptation.

Whether it’s conscious or not, human beings are driven by learned experience, bias and the good old fight or flight instinct of self preservation. This means that Shakespeare’s “to be or not to be,” is more often than not, a financial decision fuelled by things we overheard on the street. So when there is insufficient information, long application processes, lack of policies or regulatory approvals, costs, risks etc. – people will naturally want to execute their right to opt for a decision that appeals to them the most – be it out of curiosity or plain lack of interest in the subject altogether. 

And if at this point you want to shift their decision in the direction that suits you, you need to create motivation – in other words – hang a carrot to the end of the stick, then gently disorient the donkey. The carrot can be anything from a sense of union – such as “do it for your community” to simple “incentives”.The disorientation is simply achieved by the cacophony of mixed information, conflicting research and the ever present biological fear of uncertainty. 

The less barriers there are on your path to a destination, the more likely you are to agree to take on the journey. So, if instead of being forced into making a decision, or being given a limited choice, you are being presented with the freedom to make an educated decision and pick a solution that is designed to get better and better overtime – wouldn’t you do it?

Given the right information and more than one mandated option – allows us to make better choices for ourselves depending on our particular situation.

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