Zen Wisdom and Smart Maintenance Management

Zen Wisdom and Smart Maintenance Management

Here is a little Zen Koan:

A young monk once came to Master Joshu…
Young monk: “I have entered the monastery, Master. Please teach me…”
Master Joshu: “Have you eaten?”

Young monk: “Yes, Master.”

Master Joshu: “Then you better wash your bowl.

And the young monk was enlightened.

What can this Koan teach us about maintenance?

The young monk in this Koan, was very eager to get the information he required quickly –
No different from how we sometimes rush to get the work done, respond to clients, join different meetings and presentations, attend different projects etc.
The Master on the other hand, understood that certain steps in the process should not ever be missed – even if we are in a rush. And that includes scenarios where we get side-tracked by other things…

Cleaning your bowl equals maintenance, cleanliness, tidiness and order.
Preventative maintenance and good habits help you stay healthy, clean, efficient and effective. And that rule applies to all areas of life. If we have finished using the bowl, it must be cleaned and placed back in its place. If there is a crack in the bowl a timely inspection of the bowl will help prevent an unpleasant incident. Of course it’s a small scale example – but the point remains.    

Have you ever left dirty dishes in the sink for later? Have you ever found someone else’s unwashed  dishes in the sink? Have you ever found spills and dirt on the kitchen bench or has someone used your favourite mug and forgot to rinse it? Have you ever had unpleasant smells coming from your kitchen sink?

We all tend to put off the “trivial” things, or postpone activities or actions that don’t seem urgent in that present moment- because we are busy and its easy to “press the snooze button” and focus on other things. Usually we can get by just fine doing this…. but sometimes as you know, the effects of missing critical preventative maintenance or inspection dates can be devastating.

KIM is a bit like Master Joshu. KIM reminds you when and how to maintain and calibrate your equipment, tools and assets, and which assets you should not use because they are due for service. KIM is the master when it comes to maintenance and equipment management. Our system allows you to complete equipment inspections via electronic forms and assign your equipment and tools to projects or jobs when they are back from being serviced. KIM puts health and safety first – and therefore, KIM will protect you and your business against the negative results of accidentally missing critical maintenance dates.

With forced workflows, device tracking, vehicle camera systems, eforms, integrated schedules and smooth built-in processes, KIM also has smart dashboards that will keep you enlightened about any changes in your business, including maintenance costs, incidents, completed forms, non-conforming outcomes, project completion stages and more. 

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