Your Ticket to Success

Your Ticket to Success

The principles of trading haven’t changed since they were first established back in the ancient times and they are pretty simple. Entity A (the buyer) provides entity B (the seller) with a form of monetary value in exchange for goods. The factors that influenced the appearance of contracts, agreements, purchase orders, invoices and receipts can be linked to growth in population, automation, banking, industrialism, mass production, taxation, international trade, supply and demand. 

Right now, we are facing one of the most advanced and fast moving revolutions in history. The digital transformation has never been more profound.

And scary as it is – it looks like any company not willing to invest in a ticket for this ride will stay behind forever. And it won’t be because of its products and services – but simply because it missed one critical window of time. In the 21st century, it’s almost impossible to imagine a business in any developed country that doesn’t have the capability to generate a quote or invoice, produce a receipt, or even email a purchase order.

However, how many businesses do you know that can generate any of these on the spot? Not many. 

Most companies keep you waiting for a call back, a confirmation email or a link of some sort, which may come within hours, days and in some cases even weeks. And the reason for that is that these companies are using multiple systems. They have one system for communicating with their customers, another one for inventory management, another one for accounting and so on. And more often than not – they will also have different departments looking after different parts of the operation.

For example: 

A receptionist will grab your details and transfer you to a sales or a support person that will grab your details again and will place you on hold while checking with a warehouse or a shop floor representative to see if a particular item is in stock… or – you will have to meet a salesperson with a notepad – but you won’t get a quote for at least a week or two later, as the quote would have to be generated digitally, analysed, assessed by different parties and sent to you by an administrator who might or might not be in on that day. Sound familiar?

If the answer is yes then here is what you need to keep in mind – companies who fail to keep up with the times will fall behind fast. Because life in the 21st century is fast and choices are in abundance. Busy individuals need their quote and they need their quote today – they don’t want to wait and nor do they have to.

You can’t afford to let automation slip through your fingers. The clock is ticking and the competition will be hot on your heels, but there’s no need for concern because the ONE SYSTEM that allows you to achieve these results today is called KIM by Kynection. 

KIM is a 100% Integrated Management System that you can use from any mobile device. It smoothly and seamlessly integrates with any accounting package of your choice – taking care of your job management, project management, inventory stock management, generating professional looking Purchase Orders, Quotes and Invoices from any place at any time through one digital tool.

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