Your Jobs, Your Time, Your Money!

Your Jobs, Your Time, Your Money!

How often do you really get to feel like the boss of your business?

Without proper scheduling and job management tools the fine line between working in your business and working on your business can fade out pretty quickly…

Just take a moment to reflect. What is happening in your business right now? Are your staff turning up to work on time? Are they following your instructions and work procedures? Are the checks and inductions delivered and completed effectively? Are the timesheets submitted correctly? Is the equipment in good working order? 

It doesn’t matter what work your organisation does, how many employees or contractors you have or where exactly your customers are based. Regardless of any external circumstances surrounding your work – you want to be in control of your asset management , your finance and your human resource management – because you are the boss!

We are sure you have heard that good old saying  “with great power comes great responsibility” and in this case with great responsibility come great digital systems! And with this ONE SYSTEM – it’s time to meet KIM! 

KIM is an Integrated Business Management tool that caters to all needs of any business allowing busy  business owners like yourself, to enjoy the full freedom of running a successful business! Our job scheduling software makes managing staff easy by keeping all the data in one place – no more paper-based spreadsheets! No more incorrect or incomplete information! No more unnecessary waste! 

You can use our system to create schedules on the go from anywhere making it easy for you to manage shift changes wherever you are with a simple drag & drop functionality, use easy check-in/check-outs, automate your payroll and more. It also means that your team will have access to your system at any time and there won’t be any need for whiteboards or notice boards and any key information will always be there at a click of a button.  

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