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    About The Integration (Xero)

    Kynection is passionate about offering customers a single source of truth to ensure that optimal operational efficiency is achieved.  The integration is powered by Xero's API meaning that you can have confidence that it's a robust and secure connection.

    Our Integration Pathways

    Kynection offers a simple, but highly customisable integration to Xero that includes the following elements:

    xero integration kynection software

    Setting Up Your Integration

    Kynection's team of experienced technicians offer a "turn-key" solution to setup your integration.  They want the process to be as simple as possible for your organisation and will conduct a detailed consultation to identify what data you would like to integrate between Xero and KIM.


    How often does the data synchronise?

    • The default settings are for the data to integrate every 5 minutes.  If you require changes to these settings, the Kynection team will be happy to discuss.

    What do you have to do to synchronise the data?

    • Nothing.  The data synchronises automatically at the preset time periods.

    How do you disconnect the integration?

    • You can connect and disconnect the integration at anytime you wish.

    Learn More About Our Technology:

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