Winning More Business using a Task Management System

Winning More Business using a Task Management System

Set your price through a data driven approach, not guesswork. You can’t win a race without performance measurement

When it comes to setting up complex jobs it’s important to get a thorough understanding of all the pricing complexities by trapping the critical components in your task management system. It’s important to understand what’s involved in every facet of the job function, so that you can ensure you are providing the customer with exactly what they’re looking for. Using highly defined and unique customer setups allows you to deliver a detailed risk analysis prior to quoting or creating standard rates of delivery for your customers. And not every task management system stands equal to this task.

Getting a V8 sports car on track comes with risks and rewards. Make sure you understand the business of racing before you start. Quoting complex projects and jobs is really no different.

There are a lot of moving parts in the specialised services industry, those companies we work with every day keeping the world ticking. Whether they are pumping concrete, reclaiming waste, cleaning drains, creating subdivisions or building roads when you are tendering or quoting new works every moving part needs to be priced to ensure profit. 

This is particularly important when your business is priced on simple constants like an all inclusive  hourly rate, cost per kilometre, product metres delivered, or weight removed. The more risks that are involved with the job, the more important it is to understand what is involved and to ensure that nothing is missed.

A V8 racecar is a complex piece of equipment where a failure in one small part can mean the difference between success and failure. The team needs to be united to ensure that the car setup is spot on!  Data is at the forefront of decisions and your task management system should be like the telemetry system for a race team.

If you want to have a thorough understanding of every job and every customer then you’ll need a system that can provide visibility over your business at all times. Having access to data at your fingertips means you’ll be able to make decisions based on facts rather than guesswork. 

With a comprehensive task management system you’ll be able to deliver intelligent quoting and profit driven decisions that ensure your customers get what they have paid for in a timely manner. With our one-system approach you’ll be able to gain a thorough understanding of your customer’s needs as well as an understanding of the risks involved because every job is another piece of data that can be fed back into the task management system. This will provide detail to improve quotes and tenders that can make sure no “gotcha” is missed, costing your business dearly through delivery.

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