Why A Paperless Fleet Tracking System is the Only Way

Why A Paperless Fleet Tracking System is the Only Way

Integrating Accounting, Mobile and GPS to Ensure Business Continuity and Efficiency

The future of management systems is paperless, mobile and cloud-based. More businesses are realising the potential of having a customer-focused, sustainable, digital system for managing all aspects of their business. Transitioning to a cloud-based, mobile fleet tracking system will allow your business to flourish and grow.

With paper systems that we believe diminish the ability for adaptability and real time decision making, you will find that this limits your business in terms of what it is capable of achieving and you will struggle to scale and increase profit easily. We are not saying changing to a “One System” approach using mobile and cloud instead of paper is easy. We believe that the complex tasks associated with running multiple projects, jobs, vehicles and people in general cannot be substantially changed to increase profit or reduce administrative burden.

Moving to remote work with a fleet tracking system in place will benefit your business

As we started writing this article the World Health Organisation announced that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a world health pandemic. The daily changes being announced by the government suggest that these will be trying times and that we need to consider the way we manage our businesses.

The concept of remote work will be changed forever as the government enforces sanctions on public gatherings and the level of the pandemic increases in Australia. If anything is clear from our friend COVID-19, the concept of how we maintain business continuity in times of hardship and change reminds us all to consider the benefits of sound business and succession planning, smart business systems and being a good human.

We strongly believe that any businesses operating today with remote teams, extensive paper and lots of moving parts will not have the capacity to manage their day-to-day tasks as effectively as those that use an integrated “One System” approach to managing and tracking performance of teams and assets. 

Paper systems are slowing your business down!

Whether you’re working in the field, on the road, or in an office, having access to your database wherever you go will make your job much easier and to ensure business continuity no matter the circumstance. We all know it’s often smarter to allow our teams to operate without being in the office everyday and the only way to do that successfully is without the anchor of “paper”. 

If your business is currently relying on paper, your staff have to manually share documents, which increases the chance of the documents employees. Human error is common with manual data entry and is difficult to avoid.

Your business won’t be able to track data reliably and ensure you are capturing all the relevant information. It can be difficult for businesses to cope with the administrative burden of handling paperwork. This involves a lot of double handling and is an unreliable way to handle data.

mobile fleet tracking system

Access your data wherever you go with a cloud-based fleet tracking system

Why spend money printing thousands of documents a year when it can all be stored online in “One System”? Waiting to receive paper documents back from the field or the road takes time. Often paperwork will be filled out incorrectly or will be missing information by the time you get it back. 

It’s harder to manage a business without a real-time job and fleet tracking system that leverages the power of cloud and mobile to help manage projects, jobs, assets, equipment and QHSE. With an “mobile first” integrated platform that incorporates finance, operations and governance, you will be able to access data in real-time from anywhere and receive live updates sent straight to your phone. 

Manage your business easily with a fleet tracking system

A fleet tracking system will allow your business to flourish. With simpler processes and smoother workflows you will easily be able to access the information you need instantly. You will be able to optimise your productivity by converting from paper to glass and reduce the risk of human error thanks to automated data capture.

With a digital fleet management system working closely with your accounting and QHSE systems you will be able to:

  • Schedule projects and jobs
  • Maintain training records
  • Manage timesheets
  • Monitor your drivers in real-time
  • Maintain vehicles and equipment

Stay ahead of the curve

As environmental concerns and now the onset of being forced to work from home increase, businesses may soon find that relying on paper systems will have a negative impact on their business. Using paper is wasteful, expensive, and not a sustainable method for the future.

If you want to ensure your business stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technology, switching to a fleet tracking system is the best solution. You will be able to update and upgrade more easily as new technology becomes available. This will also allow your business to integrate with other necessary systems as required. With a modern fleet tracking system you can integrate location into all facets of your jobbing and project systems for more accurate billing and reporting.

Don’t let administrative work overrun your business

It can be difficult to focus on your business if you spend all your time filling out paperwork. With an integrated fleet and business management system you can maximise your time and productivity by ensuring data is uploaded instantly and accessible to everyone who needs it. Your business can automatically populate information based on the requirements you set. This allows you to streamline your processes and remove the need for manual data entry.

Get out of the paper trap and you will quickly be able to see the benefits of having complete visibility over your entire business. Think of the time your business could save by going paperless. Now is the time to make the change to the “ONE SYSTEM” approach!

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