Using Scheduling Software to Maximise your Time

Using Scheduling Software to Maximise your Time

Your workforce is one of your most valuable assets and it’s crucial that you maximise their time as much as possible using scheduling software. Manual scheduling systems are a nightmare to maintain, often resulting in double bookings, lost information and missed shifts. Because they’re so inefficient, employees are not on top of their equipment management. They don’t always know where they should be or what equipment is available. This leads to wasted time and productivity for everyone involved.

Is this really what you want for your business?

If you are finding that your business is being held back by the administrative burden of managing manual schedules on paper or whiteboards, then you need to find a more efficient solution. Scheduling software can provide your business with the solution you need to streamline the process of scheduling jobs, tasks, projects, and maintenance management.

Three clicks and no thinking required when you use business schedule management software

When you are scheduling your jobs and projects using a whiteboard, or worse, paperwork, it’s difficult to see the information you need efficiently. Sorting through stacks of paperwork to find a previous schedule is a tedious and time-consuming process. If scheduling is an imperative part of your daily operations then it makes sense to have a system in place that is efficient and effective. Manual scheduling certainly isn’t the best solution for this.

Through a simple one system interface KIM can provide a highly customisable scheduling application that will help you to increase productivity and ensure your team knows exactly where they need to be and exactly when they need to be there. 

Our one system approach means that all of your scheduling data and needs, can be managed from one centralised location. 

KIM Scheduling software can provide your business with the following features:

  • Ability to filter what data is available based on the user division, fleet or business unit
  • Highly customisable sorting and conditional sorting options to ensure schedule includes the data need.
  • Ability to filter what data is available based on the user roles to make scheduling faster
  • Highly customisable filtering and conditional filtering based in a range of key it’s like equipment, site, employee, job or project.

Make your schedule accessible to everyone

Every business uses schedules in a different way resulting in different requirements when it comes to scheduling software. 

It’s important that you are able to create a schedule that works for your business and allows you to manage schedules as seamlessly as possible. While whiteboards might be useful visually, schedules always change and therefore open to human error. To ensure that you have a completely tailor-made solution for your business you need business schedule management software designed for the way you support your customers.

KIM is a highly configurable scheduling application that can be tailored to meet your scheduling requirements. Within our application you can choose what views can be selected on the schedule, including:

  • Day view
  • Week view
  • 2 week view
  • 2 month view
  • 4 week view
  • 4 month view
  • 6 month view
  • Timeline view

This provides you with the capability to ensure your scheduling software works seamlessly with your scheduling timelines. 

business schedule management software

Whether you are trying to schedule jobs, tasks, maintenance, or projects, KIM can ensure that you are able to find and access the information you need. If a certain job requires team members to have specific qualifications or licences, we can ensure that this information is available when scheduling so you can work out which team members aren’t able to be assigned to that job.

KIM scheduling also has the following benefits:

  • The ability to define selection of what is being scheduled
  • The ability to define what is being scheduled against
  • Event templates that are available to group items together prior to scheduling
  • Setup of custom archiving rules, consisting of 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months
  • Ability to cross check licensing requirements from contacts against projects, jobs, equipment, tasks, companies, assets, and sites
  • Restrict what can be scheduled based on the view
  • Custom group colouring for items being scheduled
  • Customise naming conventions
  • Customise what is seen when editing an event
  • Alerts if anything is scheduled for the same period
  • Ability to pull in leave and maintenance items
  • Two-way notification via in-app notifications, emails, and SMS
  • Customise actions from the plus icon at the top of the screen

Highly configurable scheduling software for your business

Our online scheduling software makes managing staff easy by keeping all the data in one place – no more paper-based spreadsheets! 

You can use one system to create schedules on the go from anywhere with an internet connection making it easy for you to manage shift changes wherever you are. It also means that your team will have access at any time meaning there’s no more whiteboards or forgetting about important meetings when travelling between sites.

KIM Scheduling also works well with the following modules:

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