Using an integrated CRM and Customer Engagement Platform to Delight your Clients

Using an integrated CRM and Customer Engagement Platform to Delight your Clients

Avoid conflict during handover by putting the right CRM system in place. The game doesn’t finish at the siren.

When you think about your customers, who do you see? Your customers are keeping the lights on and considering they are the ones being affected the most by the outcome of the job you undertake for them it’s important to ensure the handover is seamless, successful and supported.

If you think it’s challenging managing your customer journey you’re in the same company as any team who needs its fans. Like a sports team who manages fan engagement from the ticket sale, sales of food and beverage, gameday entertainment and the match seating, it does not happen without great systems and processes and particularly an integrated CRM. 

Your ‘fans’, those clients who have invested time and money into your business, should always be your number one priority. When conflicts arise it’s important that you are able to resolve matters efficiently so as to ensure an ongoing relationship. Don’t ruin the customer journey in the dying minutes because your systems failed. Make sure you invest wisely to win your customers hearts.

Keep your fans happy by providing transparency throughout your customer engagement with CRM.

If you think it’s challenging dealing with customers throughout the delivery process then wait until you step into handover and what is normally the highest friction point of client engagement. The ability to maintain happy customers comes down to communication, honesty, transparency, and accurate feedback, but you can’t do this without an integrated CRM and customer engagement platform.

In the sporting world, the most important customers are the fans, members, and sponsors. They provide the feedback, but they also provide the money. If you lose the match, they feel it with you. Same goes in business.

You need to have access to the right information to make customer handover efficient and accurate, and to remove any likelihood of client conflict. Haggling over dollars on an invoice is the last thing you want, so it’s critical that you have the tools to validate your claims. But that’s only part of the journey. Making your clients a fan is the step that separates most companies.

Post-sales service and ongoing customer relationship finishes the journey and ensures the money keeps coming in customer after customer. Client experience after the invoice has been raised is one of the most important stages in terms of seeing repeat business from your customers.

Don’t let your guard down at the end of the match just because you think you’re already winning. Before you see the siren anything can happen and often does!

Ensure your performance is consistent throughout the entire customer journey to build your relationships with your customers, your biggest fans. If you pause to reflect for too long during the customer journey your customers will be able to see that you’re not placing enough focus on delight, the hidden recipe for bringing your fans through the gate every week.

Look at your customers as a six-year-old fan in the back row of a sporting match. You need to keep them excited and wanting more, but you can’t do that if they don’t have a clear view of the match or access to their heroes’ post game.

Whether the game ends with a win or a loss, the fans still want to watch until the end. Customers can’t properly evaluate if they want to continue working with you if they don’t feel the ongoing commitment to their success. Providing transparency allows your customers to ensure they’re backing the right team and that good, bad or otherwise the relationship can be built on trust and ongoing commitment, a bond between two parties. If you want to maintain customer support then you need to build their confidence in your services during and after delivery.

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Using a paper-based system can provide challenges and make it difficult to resolve quoting and invoicing issues as the paper trail is extensive. How can you check if an invoice is sent out correctly with every chargeable item has to be manually reconciled. How can you review costs and profit in a disconnected system? How do you get accurate incontestable invoices out on time if your systems are built primarily on excel and paper?

With an integrated paperless CRM linked to projects, jobs and invoicing it’s easy to find the exact information you’re looking for. All data is accessible from a centralised database so that you can easily keep track of billable items and due dates.

Having an integrated digital invoicing system that works seamlessly with your CRM in place will allow your team to manage the transition from job or project milestones and invoices whenever and wherever they are. Having the power of a mobile device your team can easily send out personalised quotes and convert them into invoices at the touch of a button.

Maintain communication throughout the match to ensure everyone comes out a winner.

The end goal of your customer journey isn’t to ‘win’ anything. It’s to show your customers that the experience your business can provide them  is better than anything else on the market. If you want your customers to come back again and again then you need to show them a frictionless transaction.

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the match, the fans will only remember their last experience with you. If you want to keep their support, you need to ensure their experience is always a positive one. 

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There’s no difference between signing merchandise for fans after a win compared to after a loss. Losses hurt, but the fans are forever and win, lose or draw their support is critical; it pays the bills. They want a positive experience that starts way before the match begins and continues well after the match ends..

With a powerful, paperless CRM system in place you can manage every step of the customer journey with ease. There’s no need to carry stacks of paperwork around anymore when all of the customer data can be accessed from a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or computer.

Don’t let paperwork or manual processes be the downfall of your business. It’s easy to keep the communication lines open when you’re using a controlled customer portal. Give your fans the transparency they need and you’ll be seeing repeat business in no-time.

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