Using a Quoting and Invoicing App to Gain a Competitive Advantage on the Field

Using a Quoting and Invoicing App to Gain a Competitive Advantage on the Field

Quoting for large challenging projects is impossible without an integrated system that leverages customer relationship management with a quoting and invoicing app. Sales is a minefield of logistical challenges and requires a multitude of input from people, equipment, materials, inventory, and much more. All of these inputs need to be aligned to time windows, which provides another level of complexity.

Running a sports club or high performance sports team of any kind can be tricky. Is it the individual team or the club that’s more important? Without winning teams you can’t attract top players, and without top players it can be challenging to find other key stakeholders. Business is similar.

Before a business can acquire new customers you need a system in place driven by key stakeholders in the business, that will allow your team to thrive and ensure a high level of productivity at all times. If you’re still relying on paper-based systems then your processes may be all over the place. It will be hard to attract new clients if you can’t manage your own business efficiently.

A super case in point is the tendering and quoting process, where you need access to data in real-time, so you can make decisions based on accurate and relevant information. Quoting and tendering requires quality data, and in a marketplace where discounting is commonplace, it is critical to know whether a bid is go or no-go and a client job is worth the time and energy.

In many grassroots sports clubs the task of managing KPIs generally falls on the volunteers who must work together as a cohesive unit to achieve a common goal for the club or teams they love. In business, teams are paid and there is no reason why they should not be performing at a level equivalent or higher than sports clubs and grassroots teams.

If your systems work like a football team you will know that success comes from having depth across the field, but the action starts in your midfield (acquisition), with strong support from your backline (delivery) and someone to drive home the outcomes up forward (success). 

Your quoting and invoicing app is the foundation to your winning processes and begins like in the midfield. When sales and tendering work in unison, like sales linking to a quoting and invoicing app, your backline can schedule your team, store documents, and ensure deadlines are met. It’s a team effort and quality systems (gamestyle) that convert tenders to a working contract will enable you to easily assess whether your business can assign the resources required to the tender and ensure the process runs smoothly.

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