Innovative transport & workplace mobility solutions.

World First Ubernar for ISO & Systems Consultants

at 12:00 pm
Cost: Free

Your System Digitally Automated

We have created a new style of online learning called an Ubernar which is a blend of food delivery, learning and fun!  We welcome you to attend.

  • How to upsell traditional consulting services
  • Automate operations & compliance using digital systems
  • The importance of “One System” thinking
  • Maintaining client relationships through innovation

What you'll learn by attending the Ubernar:

During this special event, you will learn about the only mobile technology framework in Australia that's currently used by companies to achieve ISO certification and manage operations with field-based teams.

Topics of interest will include:

  1. Customer trends in value added Consulting and IT Decision Makers; Grants • Integrations • Data IA
  2. Platform Feature Overview: Risk management Policies, procedures and custom workflows  Jobs and tasks scheduling  Employee timesheets  Conformity and Continuous improvement  Equipment management and maintenance  Visitor and site inductions  Internal auditing  eForms  Accounting system integration  Project management and planning  Contractor management  HR Management  Certification Process Management
  3. Benefits of Partnering with Kynection

As an ISO consultant, we know you understand the importance of being able to present innovative solutions to your customers.  We can help you provide a great upsell and extension to your existing consulting capability.


What is an Ubernar?

An Ubernar is defined as a cross between webinar and Ubereats Delivery that can be attended remotely from the comfort of your home/office and through the magic of home delivery - lunch will be on us!  Learn more by registering below, or by reading the T&Cs here.


Reserve your spot for this Ubernar below. Can't make it? No problem. Register anyway and receive access to the recording.
Attendees also go into the draw for our exclusive "Spin to Win" giveaway (prizes valued up to $800).
Kynection's Ubernar
Thursday, May 21st, 2020 at 12:00 pm
Cost: Free

Innovative transport & workplace mobility solutions.

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