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We'd love you to join us for our "New Year, New Opportunities at Kynection" Ubernar series in January!

We have created a new style of online learning called an Ubernar which is a blend of food delivery, learning, and fun!  We welcome you to attend on 21st January at 1:00pm AEDT.

What you'll learn by attending our next Ubernar: 

During this special event you will hear from staff here at Kynection from all departments discussing what they achieved in 2021 and how they hope to harness their knowledge and skills to achieve more for our clients in 2022. We will also have a very special guest Ky who will be making an appearance so make sure you sign up if you'd like some free laughs with your free lunch.

Check out our previous Ubernars here:

What is an Ubernar?

An Ubernar is defined as a cross between webinar and Ubereats Delivery that can be attended remotely from the comfort of your home/office and through the magic of home delivery - lunch will be on us!  Learn more by registering below, or by reading the T&Cs here.

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Lunch and learn with K9 from Kynection!

Manage everything in one place using this extensive technology platform.

Effective team management is the key to success in 2020. Our technology will give you the power to prepare your projects, track progress in real-time and manage milestones until close out.  

In terms of overall project management, Managers and team members will be able to rely on capturing project-related data in the palm of their hand using smartphone technology.

Imagine having a system that provides a simple and centralised digital space where all jobs, tasks and project-related files, tasks, notes, forms, costs and schedules are kept.

With Kynection’s technology offering, this (and much more!) can be a reality.

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