Apply to attend our next Ubernar!

We'd love you to join us for our "One System for Your Business" Ubernar series on Wed, 22nd July at 12pm!

We have created a new style of online learning called an Ubernar which is a blend of food deliver, learning, and fun!  We welcome you to attend on 22 July at 12pm (AEST).

What you'll learn by attending our next Ubernar: 

During this special event you will learn about the mobile technology framework that can simplify Maintenance Management and allow you to customise how you collect Timesheet data.

Topics of interest will include:

  1. Integrating time and attendance software with accounting packages and applications
  2. Forced workflows that allow for simple data capture
  3. Approval processes for Timesheets
  4. Automated EBA rate calculation
  5. Using maintenance management to ensure operations run smoothly
  6. Capturing maintenance data in a centralised database
  7. Compliance obligations such as driver declarations, pre-start checklists, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits
  8. Automated form and task generation based on established business rules

Presenters: Jonathan Patchell (Timesheets) // Brett Southgate (Maintenance Management)

Special Guest: Peter Anderson (CEO, Victorian Transport Association)

What is an Ubernar?

An Ubernar is defined as a cross between webinar and Ubereats Delivery that can be attended remotely from the comfort of your home/office and through the magic of home delivery - lunch will be on us!  Learn more by registering below, or by reading the T&Cs here.

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