Tracking Progress Easily with Task Management Software

Tracking Progress Easily with Task Management Software

Managing daily responsibilities can be time consuming and tedious without task management software in place. It is difficult to organise everything on paper as this requires manual data entry, and information cannot be easily shared across the business.

Without task management software in place your business will struggle to keep track of progress and understand where your employees are up to with projects. This makes it hard to ensure that everyone is following the correct processes and procedures related to each task and can be held accountable for the completion of tasks.

Inefficient processes that require double handling are not useful for your business. Using a paperless system could significantly improve the productivity of your business

Don’t waste all your time managing tasks in a paper-based system

Using paper-based systems instead of task management software means your business processes will be inefficient and hard to manage effectively. There is no way of knowing when field staff have completed tasks or how long it took them to complete. If staff are out in the field for a significant time you will have to wait until they return to the office to manually view the paperwork they used to track their progress.

There’s no need for all these manual processes with task management software. Switching to a paperless system means swapping the piles of paperwork for simple workflows and dashboards. You will be able to communicate more seamlessly within your own business as well as externally with customers. Task management software is the way forward if you want to manage the operation of your business more efficiently.

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Track progress easily with Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards

Manage operations more efficiently with task management software. Using Business Intelligence dashboards you can track the progress of your team to ensure they are completing tasks and projects on time. There’s no need to chase after your employees to find out how they’re progressing anymore. All data can be recorded and tracked in one system, making it easier for you to ensure the business is operating efficiently.

From a centralised point managers can view tasks by date, staff, task list, or project, and can easily see tasks that are complete, open, or overdue. This module will allow you to set up recurring tasks within the business or one-off tasks that can be tracked to analyse how many hours or minutes were spent on each task, and by which team member.

Improve efficiency with real-time delegation and notifications

The main goal of task management software is to help your employees get more done more efficiently. With paper-based systems, tasks must be delegated prior to starting jobs or projects and provided to the relevant field staff. Switching to a paperless task management system will allow your field staff to receive job delegations and notifications in real-time. They can easily see when they have been assigned tasks from their mobile phones or tablets out in the field.

When deadlines are approaching you can send notifications to team members to remind them of the tasks they still need to do. This provides individuals with more accountability and will ensure important tasks are not forgotten.

Being able to view updates in real-time means information can easily be changed as required. This isn’t possible with paper forms. Sometimes additional information may be required for a job, and with task management software in place it is easy to communicate this to the field staff with the touch of a button.

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Task management software can provide a centralised point for data

Using task management software will allow your business to thrive. Take the complexity out of task management by swapping to a paperless system that will provide you with more visibility over your business. 

Throughout your business accessibility will increase for all team members with the ability to view tasks on their phones, tablets, or computers. Workflows will run more efficiently and the administrative burden on your business will decrease.

Move your business into the future with task management software and you will soon be reaping the benefits of a paperless system.

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