Time is Ticking

Time is Ticking

Life consists of moments which are divided into minutes, hours and days. And the glue that holds it all together is TIME. Everything we do floats in a three-dimensional space of dates, events and tasks. And against the common perception that human-made frameworks can control time, it often appears to be the case that time is the solo-driver of everything. Time is the governing body that allows us to stretch its edges across as many frameworks as we like – as long as we always stay within the strict parameters of 24/7. 

We all know that life happens. Whether it’s a family crisis, an unexpected job offer or even the discovery of your overdue bill – things don’t always go according to plan and this can make managing your time difficult when you’re trying not only to look after yourself but also others. Unexpected events often have little regard for your pre-planned activities which can make your time management rather frustrating…

Did anybody say “vehicle maintenance, servicing and unexpected breakdowns…” ?

If only there was a tool that could manage at least some of the time for you… take off the heavy burden that comes with planning, remembering and keeping track of everything. If only something could somehow put your Knowledge In Motion! Oh… hang on… that’s what KIM does!

KIM’s Maintenance Module allows you to easily configure and schedule service and maintenance plans for any piece of plant and equipment. This maintenance management tool uses an innovative “Set & Forget” approach, whereby all you really have to do is ensure that the equipment is in the system and your preferences of frequency and types of services are defined. KIM is your key maintenance management system that, will tell you when your equipment is due for service and inspection, and will remove any in-service or pending equipment from your allocation menu to ensure that no un-serviced equipment can be allocated to ongoing work. And with unique workflows, any service reports can be completed directly in KIM or attached to any equipment as a file. 

With KIM, you can enjoy the freedom of extra time and focus on what matters most. Let our ONE SYSTEM do all the groundwork and take care of maintenance management for you!

In addition, KIM by Kynection allows you to monitor all aspects of your business’s fleet operations in real time. By using KIM to implement your fleet management strategy you will not only cut down operational costs, but will also  stay on top of your maintenance schedules, legal compliance, driver safety needs and more.

If you want to save time, money and keep your employees safe – contact us now for your free demo!

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