Think Like a Meerkat and Work Like a Pro

Think Like a Meerkat and Work Like a Pro

Meerkats are small mammals found in Southern Africa. They are speedy creatures with unique social skills, are intelligent, have large eyes with pointed snouts, that make them look very similar to our favourite Disney character Timon from the Lion King! Perhaps one of the most famous quotes from Timon was “To change the future, you got to put your past behind you”. This is a quote that any fast moving business should refer to. 

In order to survive, Meerkats learned to evolve and adapt to their environment, and developed a unique and clever way to control and minimise risks. For example, millipedes form a critical part of a meerkats diet, but come with the risk of poisoning if not prepared properly.

Being in business means thinking like a Meerkat. You have to be quick, careful, adaptable and a few steps ahead of danger. You have to understand the risks, learn from them and manage them accordingly.

Like a Meerkat, you will be faced with difficult situations and conundrums – where the same things that give you the most profit are also the ones that may carry the most danger – like working at heights, transporting chemicals, welding in confined spaces and more. And just like Meerkats you will have to stay educated, share knowledge and always remain alert in order to ensure a timely control of even more unwanted scenarios. You need your own recipe to maintain your competitive advantage!

We live in a world where more and more companies have access to the same technological and operational abilities. In fact, more companies than ever before are following similar procedures, using similar tools, constructing similar plans and even aim for the same certifications. And while all of this uniformity raises the global bar – it also leads to stagnation, once a certain level of comfort is achieved. This is why today, we see many organisations using multiple solutions and carrying them around like heavy luggage on an endless trip to nowhere – a burgeoning load, so big, they can barely remember what they have packed in the first place!

Over the last 15 years we have seen it all! We have seen companies using a variety of software to control their risk and safety management in addition to story-high piles of paper, manilla folders and documentation. We have seen individuals pull their hair out in frustration as they would sort through filing cabinets and hand-filled records, desperately looking for that one piece of information they needed. We’ve seen the frustration on their faces when passwords were lost or incomplete forms emerged; but most importantly we heard your stories! We saw the need to think like a Meerkat! We saw the benefits of having just ONE SYSTEM.

Meerkats are masters of being able to survive in harsh environments because they don’t have any luggage. They carry no reserves of fat and therefore have nothing that slows or drags them down. The more bloated with tools and systems a business is, the more ‘fat’ it has and the less flexible and adaptable it becomes. Timon would probably consider this completely useless – and we agree.

At Kynection we have created KIM ‘ONE SYSTEM’. KIM is designed to get rid of that extra load, giving you the freedom and flexibility you need to succeed. KIM replaces ALL of your old tools and systems, including any paper systems, or ‘spaghetti apps’ with ONE digital solution for all your business needs. KIM is a human resources management software, a time and attendance software, a fleet management software, a maintenance management software and a Workplace Communication tool, allowing you to manage and control your risks. It is a risk management system that keeps your team productive, your customers happy, and your business journey Worry-Free! 

With KIM in the palm of your hand, you can think like a meerkat and act like a pro!

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