The Times Are Changing and So Is The Way We Do Business

The Times Are Changing and So Is The Way We Do Business

There is a silent problem going around that many organisations struggle with and are well aware of but resist doing anything about it. We are talking about paperwork! 

In the 21st Century Why Are We Still Using Paper?

  1. Printing harms our environment – through both paper and cartridges. 
  2. Printed documents and printing equipment take space.
  3. Printed documents are hard to version-control and keep secure. 
  4. Paperwork gets lost and damaged, and often has missing mandatory fields.
  5. Handwriting on paperwork isn’t always legible
  6. Printed forms, reports or other documents take time to file, review, deliver and action. 
  7. A printed form is often not enough – and requires more printed information.

On the other hand, here are the pros of using paper

  1. The intensive amounts of paper-based protocols often require a dedicated admin person whose job is to coordinate, review, sort, process and distribute the documentation – which means that in a way paper helps keep people employed. 

BUT, here is the thing….

These days printing and any sort of handling of paperwork is simply not required and can be replaced by an electronic forms system. Which means that companies are using inefficient and ineffective, wasteful, harmful and expensive systems that could all be easily swapped for a simple, user-friendly and 100% digital mobile solution. 

We think you should jump on board with the modern day worker and get rid of paper..

Seriously… just do it! – Instead of using paper move to KIM, ‘ONE SYSTEM’ that allows anyone and everyone in your organisation to sign forms with an electronic signature and read electronic forms easily and immediately. Kynection’s electronic document management system allows you to see your e forms submitted instantly and moreover – enjoy a range of beautiful and eye pleasing dashboards that summarise everything for you. Say goodbye to unnecessary folders, archives, printers or any stationery at all! – All you need is your mobile device.. and let’s be honest most of us carry one of these bad boys in our hand or pocket for most of the day!  If something happens somewhere you will be the first to know – with KIM an alert will be sent to you within moments with any reports you need. 


Electronic Forms are transforming our world

Electronic forms are so smart that they won’t leave one rock unturned! If you want your staff to answer all the mandatory fields and take images in real time – the electronic form will not let them have it any other way. Force digital workflows force you to make the right actions and follow the instructions at all times. 

And your admin…? Well… it’s time to ask them what their dream is. Maybe they can write content? Maybe they are good with design? Maybe they can add lots of value in customer service or sales? 

Think outside the paper-box! Let us show you a whole new world! Arrange your demo now. 

Interested in learning more about how Kynection could help your business? Get in touch today to set up a demonstration or email us at contact@kynection.com 

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