The Easiest Way to Run a Successful Business to the ISO Quality Standard

The Easiest Way to Run a Successful Business to the ISO Quality Standard

The Kynection One System TQM Series

Let us ask you this: are your business operations important to you? Would you say that good business operations are crucial to your success? Would you say external audits are important when it comes to the ISO quality standard?  Would you say internal audits are?

Now, let us answer these questions for you. You absolutely would! You want your business to be a well-oiled, fast going, super efficient, safe, built-to-last, money making machine! And you acknowledge that machines have many moving parts that need to be properly assembled, tested, maintained, and continuously improved and upgraded to maintain their ‘WOW Factor’ of functionality and design. After all, your business is where you are making the ultimate investment of the most precious asset you will ever own – Your time. And so you want it to be worth it.

“Spot On!” you say. “You guys can read my mind!”. 

So, now let’s look at some ‘moving parts’ through the lens of ‘Operations’ the way it is defined by the 9001:2015 ISO Quality Standard. The ISO Quality Standard outlines a few key aspects of business planning and control. These include: 

  • Determining, reviewing, and updating the requirements for products and services
  • Customer communication
  • Design and development planning, inputs, outputs, and controls
  • Control of externally provided processes, products and services
  • Information for and from external providers
  • Production and service provision
  • Identification and traceability
  • Property belonging to customers or external providers
  • Preservation
  • Post-delivery activities
  • Control of Changes
  • Release of products and services
  • Performance of internal audits 
  • Control of nonconforming outputs and more. 

In the previous articles we have discussed What your business is about and Who your interested parties are.

At this stage of our journey we are finally ready to delve into the real world of “Hows” and connect the dots! So here goes:

What – purpose, objectives, goals, mission,  vision, market, strategy, products, services etc.

Who – workers, customers, neighbours, partners, regulators, associations, suppliers, competitors etc.

How – Using KIM – ONE SYSTEM!

To manage all of your business operations effectively and efficiently and to be able to spend more time doing the things you really love and enjoy, whilst maintaining a calm peace of mind, you need an easy to use, all-inclusive, digital business solution that you can access from anywhere at any time. 

Having one digital platform or integrated management system designed to meet the requirements of the ISO Quality Standard will allow you to continuously meet the changing needs and expectations of your interested parties while staying true to your brand and the passions that made you start your business in the first place!  

You might argue and say that you can run your operations like you’ve always done it, but the reality is that you would not have been reading this article right now if you were truly satisfied with your current results and did not see the need to make a change.

Don’t worry, we know that changes can be scary… 

And moving from paper to glass with any system can be scary too! For example:

  • You might find out how much money you used to waste every month
  • How many gaps of compliance you actually never noticed 
  • How far behind you are with your equipment and facility maintenance
  • How out of date your staff training is 
  • How many performance gaps you can find by running internal audits 
  • How many defects and customer complaints you could avoid
  • How much pollution, contamination, and environmental harm you could avoid 
  • How much time you have spent putting up with underperforming suppliers 
  • How ineffective your HR operations really are 
  • How much smoother your projects and jobs scheduling could actually be… if only…

But, don’t let this fear stop you from taking the most important step forward your business will ever make, looking at a system that provides one simple to use interface from anywhere you operate. Don’t let a temporary fear of automation stand in your way of great operational success! KIM One System might just be the answer you have been looking for.

Embrace a world where you can control the planning, design, delivery and support of your products and services throughout and beyond the life-cycle of your operations. 

Embrace a world where your staff brags about the innovative business they work for at the bar on Friday night, where they just finished their timesheets for payroll Monday morning! 

Embrace a world where your customers smile with contentment knowing they have made the right decision because you share information transparently and in real time.

Embrace neighbours that smile at you, and regulators that use you as an example of excellence when it comes to the ISO quality standard. 

Embrace a world where YOU are an industry leader and have the tools to grow your business at speed and scale without hiring every family member and half the neighbourhood. 

If you have been searching for a company that knows business, understands ISO and the ISO Quality Standard requirements, and has built a comprehensive digital management system, it will be worth 1-2 hours of your time and request your free demo of KIM One System. It takes one system to rule them all.

  • KIM One System can replace old and tired systems you don’t want 
  • KIM One System can integrate with useful tools you already have – Such as MYOB or XERO 
  • KIM One System has a complete HSEQ and Governance set of modules and tools that includes:
    • HR and Payroll
    • Projects, Jobbing and Scheduling 
    • Calibration, Maintenance and Equipment Management 
    • CoR
    • Inventory Management 
    • Finance 
    • Risk and Incident Management
    • Timesheets 
    • Tasks 
    • Bid no Bid
    • Capacity Planning 
    • Supplier Management 
    • Form templates with forced workflows 
    • Forms that allow you to easily complete Internal Audits and more. 

And guess what… you can manage it all from your phone! So pick it up now, and call us on 1300 786 272.

Kynection was created to provide the unique blend of business acumen and technical innovation to achieve client outcomes that off the shelf systems cannot. One system is what we built because One System is what the market asked for.

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