The Customer Journey Needs to become the Centre of Your Universe!

The Customer Journey Needs to become the Centre of Your Universe!

The Kynection One System TQM Series

Let’s pretend for a second that you are a on a customer journey…

What does quality mean to you as you design your Customer Journey?

  • Is it the way you are greeted?
  • Is it the way your inquiry is being handled?
  • Is it the delivery time of your goods?
  • Is it the installation or assembly?
  • Is it the cost/value balance?
  • Is it the design of your goods? 

The truth is it’s all of the above and more.

Having a quality centred operation means having a strong customer-focus. Business is a pretty simple equation: Smooth Customer Journey = Happy customers = Profit (assuming you know your margins, but that’s a conversation for another day).

So, what does it mean putting the customer at the centre? Does it mean giving your customers endless amounts of discounts and freebies? Does it mean never saying “no” and always saying “yes” to keep them pleased?

No. Surprisingly none of the above is required…

Unless you are running a non-for-profit organisation, your business needs to generate profit. How your business generates profit is part of the context of your organisation. 

Business processes will vary between organisations depending on the types of products and services they provide. The context of a hospital will not be the same as a factory, and a factory will differ from a construction or a mining site, and mining sites will differ yet again from take away shops and logging truck fleets. But what do all of these businesses have in common?

They all have interested parties, or for a more common term, stakeholders. Stakeholders in any business will be divided according to their level of interest and influence in the business. A standard list of stakeholders will include: employees, customers, managers, owners, partners, contractors, authorities/regulators, neighbours, general public, suppliers, industry forums etc.

Maintaining a system of quality management means understanding what your organisation does, how it does it, who the interested parties (or stakeholders) are, and how to continuously meet their changing needs and expectations within set applicable boundaries – or scope. 

Regardless of how you describe your industry, area or type of business, your entire work will spin around your customers’ needs, expectations and satisfaction alongside the requirements of other interested parties. Therefore, your management system will have to include these three key pillars (or stages): Customer Acquisition, Customer Delivery and Customer Success, as part of the Customer Journey. 

And the smoother your customer journey is, the more assurance you have of the successful performance of your quality management system and customer focus. 

The Customer Acquisition stage can include:

  • Marketing, and Advertising 
  • Demonstrations
  • Tendering and Bidding
  • Scoping, Sales and Onboarding
  • Proposals, Quotations and Purchase Orders 

The Customer Delivery stage can include:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing and Provision
  • Requests of Information
  • Change Management
  • Customer communication, training and more

The Customer Success stage is where you provide: 

  • Customer Support
  • Warranty Claims
  • Actionable Feedback
  • Logging of Concerns etc. 

It can also be where you can sell additional products and upgrade services.

Throughout all of the stages you have to delight and inspire your customers, engage in research and stay up to date with market trends.

And above all the pillars sits the governance component. The governance component includes processes for HR, payroll, finance, quality, safety, environment, legal, planning, procurement, auditing, review, monitoring etc.

Traditional paper-based business operations often prove ineffective and inefficient. Papers get lost or misplaced, not submitted on time or submitted incorrectly. This results in gaps which impact the performance of the organisation and can result in high fiscal losses.

KIM One System by Kynection is a business process management platform that automates and takes most of the trivial elements and worries of operational performance out of the way! With KIM you can rely on our one-system approach to manage ALL of your business operations from the palm of your hand quickly and efficiently – with accurate dashboards and track records.

KIM One System is an integrated management system for quality, safety and environment, and the really great thing is – that KIM not only captures your customer journey requirements – but it also provides you full control of the governance aspects of your business – so you can know exactly what is going on in any area of your business at any given time!

Here are some of the things we can tailor to the context of YOUR organisation in KIM:

  • Policies and Procedures 
  • Forced Form Completion Workflows
  • Maintenance and Calibration of Equipment 
  • HR, Training and Payroll
  • Accounting and more. 

We all know that getting ISO certified is not just about organisational context, and that for the most part quality and safety systems can be looked at as a cost. Kynection has worked over 10 years to remove that paradigm and create a one-stop-shop integrated management system.

Our customers can measure operational improvement to increase productivity, simplify communication, and deliver profit. Kynection understands that better systems make for better businesses, so we have intentionally “baked in” quality and safety in our integrated management system – KIM.

The delivery of world class outcomes is available today for any company that is seeking high quality, safety and environmental results.

By using KIM One System you can be assured that you will hit your ISO certification and operational needs in one-system. It’s time to automate your business processes and remove the clutter of accounting add ons and lack of information flow caused by poor business systems process integration and start enjoying an integrated management system, paper-free and from the palm of your hand.


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