The Advantages of Using Paperless Job Management Software

The Advantages of Using Paperless Job Management Software

If your business is still relying on disconnected applications or paper-based systems instead of job management software, you’re at a disadvantage. Even if you are using an integrated system, there are a lot more options available in terms of mobile job management software that will allow you to access data from anywhere.

Using disconnected paper-based systems puts the highest administrative burden on your business, followed closely by disconnected applications like Accounting Add Ons. Scheduling jobs, communicating with clients, and accessing job information can be done on paper, but it’s much more efficient with fully integrated, mobile job management software.

How does having mobile job management software impact a business?

Business inefficiencies will create a backlog of administrative work that will slow down other processes and workflows. Without mobile job management software in place, businesses will struggle to manage jobs properly and it will be more difficult for staff on the road. If jobs aren’t managed effectively this may also affect the quality of service provided, which could have negative consequences for the business in terms of customer service and job profits.

Relying on administratively heavy systems means your staff will need to take pages of paperwork out on the road with them, which won’t get back to the office for days or possibly weeks later. You won’t be able to run your business efficiently if you don’t know what’s happening on the ground and access to data is delayed. Job profit can be more easily maintained when business teams are able to make smart decisions during the job process not after it’s too late.

Removing those repetitive actions undertaken in typical paper based forms and poorly designed job processes will minimise the risk of human error. Mobile job management software allows you to take your business with you wherever you go thanks to the advances in cloud based technologies that will ensure your team has access to the information they need from their mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

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Don’t let your business drown in poor systems and paperwork

If your business is trying to manage jobs through multiple systems using paper forms, you’re wasting valuable time. Paper systems may be the norm for many businesses, but they are not the way of the future. Working in a manually intensive system means your business is relying on additional data input, double handling, and extra administrative work to ensure jobs are managed approriately and all the right forms are completed.

Switching to mobile job management software streamlines and optimises your business by replacing complicated spreadsheets and paper forms with digital job scheduling.

With the ability to submit a form from a mobile phone and have the team in the office view it immediately will cut down the time required to process forms and allows your business to  reduce time to invoice and remove the sticky conversations created from poor paper work and lack of information. If you seek to prioritise efficiency within your business then a paperless system is the only way to go.

Streamline your processes with ONE SYSTEM

Having a digital system in place to manage jobs isn’t enough anymore. There’s more to job management software than that. A paperless system that you can use on your computer is better than using a paper-based system, but it still won’t provide the same capabilities as an integrated system that is accessible across mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

Mobile job management software enables you to work online or offline wherever you are. It provides a simplified solution to job management by allowing staff to easily fill out information at the touch of a button. This data can be accessed from a centralised location that is accessible to anyone who needs it.

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Remove the manual processes and switch to paperless job management software

By using job management software with integrations to timesheets, payroll and equipment utilisation you can improve much more than just jobs within your business. With the ability to manage licenses, prestart checklists, industry tickets, site inductions, equipment use and materials receipts from mobile or PC you can take your business everywhere you go in the palm of your hand.

With the right workflows in place you will be able to view jobs in real-time and see how they are progressing. When it comes to scheduling and completing jobs, job management software will greatly improve business efficiency. Think of the time your business will be able to save with forced workflows and automated data capture! And with powerful archiving and retention reviewing job history is only the click of a button.

Don’t stay in the past using a poorly designed job process built on a paper-based system. The future is in mobile job management software and having a system that your whole team can access anywhere, providing great benefits for your business.

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