Taste The Flavour of Success When You Uplift Your Tender Management Tool

Taste The Flavour of Success When You Uplift Your Tender Management Tool

When you’re in the process of acquiring new business it can be easy to fall into the trap of quantity over quality. You obviously want your business to be profitable, but you also need to ensure you are selecting the right jobs for your business. This is where a tender management tool provides significant value.

Without a name, beer is nothing, just another amber liquid on a shelf. To start a craft beer brewery you need to make sure the first interaction with the client is exceptional, because that is exactly what separates your brand. 

The manufacturing industry is no different, particularly when it comes to choosing which jobs you take and which jobs could impact your reputation, bottom line and your reputation. And your reputation is your brand and name in the manufacturing industry.

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The jobs that you choose to take will define your business and will often be the difference between success and failure. Like our friends who make beer for a living it’s important to make the best possible choices for your business at the front end and like every business it’s critical to look at what steps your team is undertaking during the sales, tendering and quoting process.

Pre-tender work and quoting requires a significant amount of effort to ensure all variables are considered and that risks are understood and managed. Getting it right at the front of the shop is the easiest way to ensure profit. Understanding previous works undertaken, and which were profitable or unprofitable, will provide you with the template for success.

Would a brewery sell beer without creating a name or trademarking their brand? Would a brewery sell their produce for less than the cost of manufacture? No. So why would you try and sell your services and products without a proper tender management tool in place?

A paperless tender management tool like Kynection’s one-system approach will allow you to manage deadlines, conversions, contracts, jobs, and tasks in one place. You can rest assured that your business is well-placed to effectively price and assign resources to the sales process with a real-time view of your team availability, company assets and production resources from the palm of your hand. 

With a paperless system you can ensure you have a single source of truth for all your data, with an easy interface to understand wins and losses from the past. Give your sales team the best chance of success by providing them with the best systems available.

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