Switch to a ‘High-Gear’ Workforce by Providing Support to Your Staff

Switch to a ‘High-Gear’ Workforce by Providing Support to Your Staff

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In the previous article we have discussed the vast advantages of having a Growth-Mindset in business, and touched on some key points in operational planning that make a business stand out, using the amazing transport and integrated logistics business, LINFOX.

Today we are going to talk about support, but not in the way you may think. Instead of talking about customer support (which we will also discuss further on) we are going to talk about the type of support that an organisation’s leadership team must provide its workers in order to ensure that they are able to fulfil their duties in a safe, efficient and effective manner that takes into account all the key considerations of a business. 

To help us explore this topic we felt the Australian Cancer Council was a wonderful case in point.

While it’s a safe bet to assume that we all have at least a rough idea about what the Cancer Council does to support the general public (provides information, assists patients, promotes awareness, recruits volunteers, raises funds for research and so on and so forth), very little is known about how much the Cancer Council does to support its workers through the journey of working in such a sensitive and understandably challenging and emotional environment.

One of the very first things that the Cancer Council does is provide its people with a deep sense of purpose. It says “Our staff and volunteers throughout the country contribute to an organisation that makes a real difference in people’s lives”. When one reflects on this statement, it becomes clear that the Cancer Council does a lot more than just running campaigns, events, and fund-raisers. It gives people hope, it promotes communal support and enforces or deepens the understanding that as human beings we are all vulnerable and we are all exposed to the same health threats and risks.


With this positioning the Cancer Council shows that helping to lead the fight against this terrible disease is heroic. And this is important to understand, because in the era of so much disconnect, having a purpose and a sense of belonging and personal contribution or appreciation are some of the main factors that will keep good and loyal workers inspired and supportive of your organisation. 

In simple terms,the people working for you can be motivated solely by salary and the application to pay their bills. In this case, your organisation will end up with low-gear, baseline-performers who have low pride in their work and put just enough effort to get by, and in reality, they couldn’t care less if they work for you or the shop across the road. 

Or, we can pivot our approach to our teams and provide the support and motivation to make them feel like they are taking part in something meaningful, something they are passionate about, where work rewards are much more than just financial. In this case you get people who are so inspired by your goal that they even keep YOU motivated!

In order to drive this culture the Cancer Council provides a positive work environment that reflects human values of “compassion, collaboration, trust, innovation and excellence.” Under this approach the Cancer Council strives to create a deep-set meaning for “giving” (the workers input) against another “value” (the reward), both of which support and serve the workers’ interests. 


Clause 7 of the ISO standards 45001:2018, 9001: 2015 and 14001:2015 identifies a few key areas of Worker-Support. An organisation able to demonstrate to its auditor enough evidence to support this clause will meet a certain level of conformity that underlines its ability to provide its workers with the means necessary to ensure that the requirements of their HSEQ Management System/s are met. These include:

  • Financial and Human Resources
  • Infrastructure, tools and equipment 
  • Suitable safe working environment 
  • Monitoring and Measuring resources 
  • Organisational Knowledge, Awareness and Competence (Training)
  • Communication
  • Documented Information

You might be looking at this list now, thinking that none of these items sound like over the top, unrealistic expectations – and you are right! However, many organisations still fail to provide their staff with these very basic needs.

Cancer Council Australia, made sure they do the right thing and even go a few steps further! 

Here are some of the benefits that the Cancer Council provides its staff:

  • A fair and reasonable Salary Package
  • Great Tax Benefits 
  • Training and Career Development 
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Leave Benefits
  • Support for Families and Carers
  • Gym Memberships
  • Bike and Shower Facilities and more.
  • And of course an opportunity to give back to the community that is affected everyday by the terrible impacts of Cancer.

All of these, of course, come in addition to the items mentioned above as the standard requirements of ISO Clause 7. 

Another very unique aspect of the Cancer Council’s work that we love, is the “Daffodil Day”, where ALL Cancer Council employees take a break from their normal roles to help with face-to-face fundraising. This is an incredible way to lift up team spirit, reignite passion and improve mental health while raising awareness for Cancer. 

The Cancer Council sure takes pride in its ability to show its staff that they matter and that they make an impact.

With ONE SYSTEM you can do that too! ONE SYSTEM allows you to ensure that you meet and exceed the requirements of the ISO Standards electronically and from the palm of your hand! Ask us about our tool box meeting forms, induction forms, management meeting forms, HR module, training and equipment management registers, internal auditing and scheduling tools, and more. 

After years of reviewing how important culture becomes with the adoption of systems, we can shed some stories from our business and others.

Please stay tuned for our following article about excelling in business operations!

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