Staying Compliant with Safety Management Software 

Staying Compliant with Safety Management Software 

Our society is driven by direct and hidden social pressures and beliefs, many of which can be described as outdated in today’s day and age. In fact, many things that were once considered acceptable in the past, simply don’t cut the cake anymore. And one of these things is a neglectful approach to Safety. 

Safety initiatives can be a struggle to get right because they’re not communicated enough, and their implementation is often poorly supported across organisations. But there’s an easy solution: use technology and efficient safety management software!

KIM ‘ONE SYSTEM’,  allows you to introduce a whole new level of safety management into your organisation, set a new bar of performance and ensure that everyone across your organisation works in-line with the new expectations. 

Let’s have a look at how our safety management software can take your organisation to a whole new level of Safety Compliance: 

‘KIM’ has a wide range of forced-workflow templates that turn into automated registers and dashboards that provide you, the manager, with full visibility and control. The data displays in KIM are customisable, allowing you to easily set them up, viewing only the information you need, where and when you need it.

With ‘KIM’ you no longer have to worry about any gaps or non-conformities, because your Nonconformity register, your legal register and your internal auditing forms will make your compliance journey smooth and easy, by allowing you to identify, record and investigate any deficiencies, assign and monitor corrective and preventive actions in any way you see fit, and more.

‘KIM’ has a wide range of data displays for training, certification, medical assessments, risk assessments, hazard assessments, investigations and more. 

Implementing an efficient safety management system allows you to report incidents, accidents and near-misses, conduct pre-start checks, tool-box talks and and even manage your PPE and chemicals in an easy and accessible way. 

What makes ‘KIM’ even more unique, is that ‘KIM’ is an Integrated Management System – which allows you to achieve excellence not only in Safety, but also in Quality, Environmental controls and general business governance and performance. ‘KIM’ smoothly integrates with accounting packages, it has equipment management tools, project management tools, HR and Payroll tools and much more. 

With ‘KIM’ you don’t need to wait for a miracle to take place. You can be proactive.

KIM is a risk management system that puts you in control and allows you to meet your quality objectives! With the click of a button, you can decide how safety will be managed in your organisation. You’ll see exactly what happens where and be able to easily get on top of any risks or opportunities – all with an easy online interface for quick updates!

And you know what is even better? ‘KIM’ has a mobile-first design that drives success in all directions and fits all end-users. It is a human resources management software which does a lot more! It means that you and your team can enjoy KIM on any mobile device, without ever having to worry about carrying around heavy books or paper again!

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