Kynection is experienced at integrating our technology platforms with SAP.

Our technology platform integrates the following elements with SAP Enterprise:

  • Jobs
  • Weigh bridge
  • Equipment
  • Maintenance Module

About SAP: SAP which is referred to as Systems, Accounting and Program, is best known for producing enterprise resource planning software (ERP) which allows organisations to manage business operations across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR.  

SAP software is a great solution for tracking the costs and revenues throughout your project. You can use this function to carry out preliminary costing and also be able to create quotes, which is supported by the integration of sales pricing.  

With SAP you can keep your project on track and analyse the costs and compare them to the planning data at any time. This software can help with activating demand as work in progress and measure the success at the completion of your project. 

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Eliminating the delay between data collection and data analysis helps improve employee productivity.

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