Kynection is experienced at integrating our technology platforms with MYOB Exo.

Our technology platform integrates the following elements with MYOB Exo Business:

  • Invoices (Two way)
  • Quotes
  • Purchase orders
  • Payroll systems
  • Timesheets
  • Pay Rates
  • Leave requests
  • Expenses
  • Synchronising contacts
  • Product inventory
  • A system that grows with your business

About MYOB Exo: Providing greater insight into all facets of your operations, along with more control and solutions that have the flexibility to grow with your business, MYOB Exo Business can help build your business like never before. MYOB Exo is a fully integrated and customisable on premise ERP system, that is designed for growing small to medium enterprises. This powerful suite provides solutions tailored just for you! Imagine being able to view your business's financials in an entirely new way. With MYOB Exo, you can get real time data on everything from profit margins and cash flow projections in the palm of your hands, better enabling your business to plan more consistently. 

For those companies that have outgrown their small bookkeeping system, MYOB Exo is the perfect solution. It saves them time and effort that comes from manual data entry and Excel spreadsheets, which can ultimately be automated.

Knowledge is power. With MYOB Exo you’ll be able to view and analyse inventory management, project costings, HR,  payroll as well as every part of your business with ease. Better insight leads to better decisions that can help boost productivity in all areas - even if it's just by catching small details before they become larger problems or headaches. MYOB Exo is a highly flexible solution with an in-built customisable report writing tool that enables you to create your own reports and track staff costs. Instead of using multiple systems all your staff timesheets can be found and managed within the ONE SYSTEM which can save you both time and money. 

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