MYOB Advance integration IMS

Kynection is experienced at integrating our technology platforms with MYOB Advanced.

Our technology platform integrates the following elements with MYOB Advanced:

  • Invoices (Two way)
  • Quotes
  • Purchase orders
  • Payroll systems
  • Timesheets
  • Pay Rates
  • Leave requests
  • Expenses
  • Synchronising contacts
  • Product inventory

About MYOB Advanced: MYOB Advanced is a single solution that can perform multiple functions. It is commonly referred to as an “all in one solution”, as it captures multiple business functions into the one package. Manage your entire organisation across finance, distribution, warehouse management, services, projects, manufacturing, CRM, reporting, analytics, dashboards and much more with MYOB Advanced. This software is an intelligent, cloud-based ERP and payroll software which includes sophisticated tools that growing businesses need today, to grow tomorrow.

With MYOB Advanced, your team can work more efficiently and effectively from one database, allowing them to access information from anywhere, at anytime. Plus included are function specific features that cater for every aspect of your business and also link together seamlessly. By using MYOB Advanced, you can get rid of tedious and time-consuming tasks like manual data entry, reduce errors and duplication and get real-time business insights. 

MYOB Advanced is the perfect solution for any growing business that is already using a MYOB product and is wanting to take the next step in regard to their cashflow and inventory management, but also has customers or suppliers across multiple locations. The customisation of MYOB Advanced means that it can be tailored to your current needs and can be constantly upgraded and adapted as your organisation grows. Payroll management has never been simpler with MYOB Advanced tools for tax obligations including fringe benefits, work cover and more. Keep up-to-date on all of your federal or state requirements from anywhere with MYOB Advanced.   

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We offer an Advanced solution to ensure that everything can become connected.

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