Kynection can integrate with the powerful manufacturing ERP software to streamline your business.

If you're looking to manage operations more efficiently and profitably, an integration between KIM and ECI M1 may be the solution your business needs. Our technology platform integrates the following elements with ECI M1:

  • Invoices (two way)
  • Quotes
  • Purchase orders
  • Payroll systems
  • Timesheets
  • Pay rates
  • Leave requests
  • Expenses
  • Synchronising contacts
  • Product inventory
  • Job Materials
  • Job Operations
  • Jobs and Organisations
  • Production counts
  • Employees

About ECI M1: This powerful, manufacturing ERP software provides real-time operational visibility and helps to drive business growth (Visit their website).

For small and medium-sized manufacturers, M1 and Kynection can bring critical business processes together


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