Solid Foundations – Ridding the Risk!

Solid Foundations – Ridding the Risk!

With any business – it is essential to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for your staff, contractors, and visitors. Understanding how to effectively manage work health & safety risks is absolutely essential. In fact a staggering 146 Australians were killed on worksites in 2022! Taking the necessary steps toward prevention and implementing the right risk management processes, will undoubtedly create the foundations of a successful and safe working environment. 

Much like building a house, ensuring safety in the workplace requires solid foundations and structure. Without such – a house is likely to collapse in rigid conditions; similarly a workplace will be more susceptible to accidents and injuries. Each additional safety management measure or system in place, acts much like the structural foundations of a building. The more comprehensive and solid the structure or system – the sturdier and safer the building or workplace will be.  

In order to create this structure and imbed these foundations into your business, three key safety pillars must be addressed. These being:

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Safety Work Method Statements (SWMS)

OHS strives to keep workers safe, healthy and content in their work environment. By focusing on prevention of hazardous conditions that could lead to accidents or illnesses, this field ensures employees are able to display confidence in an enjoyable and secure workplace. 

JSA is an invaluable tool for managing work environments, helping employers identify and mitigate potential safety risks before the commencement of a job. By taking the time to analyse jobs on a task-by-task basis, companies can take proactive steps towards creating safe working conditions; reducing injury rates and fostering productive employees in the process.

SWMS documents provide clear instructions and guidelines to keep workers safe from harm while performing hazardous tasks. By outlining the necessary steps, these statements can protect workers on job sites, by reducing the risk of injury or illness due to existent unsafe practices.

Working in harmony – much like mortar to brick – these pillars will help establish safe working procedures, identify potential hazards, enhance levels of compliance and develop improved communication channels for your employees, ultimately reducing the risk of illness or injury in the workplace.

With KIM’s safety management software, you will be able to effectively implement these three core safety policies into your business operations, which will play a key role in preparing your company for success. 

With our ‘ONE SYSTEM’ for risk management, you can ensure your team stays up-to-date with its policies, procedures, and processes. Kynection’s risk management tools, linked back to the ISO9001 framework, will help your company build the foundations required to ensure a culture of safety and well-being for your employees.

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