Simplifying Timesheets with Time and Attendance Software

Simplifying Timesheets with Time and Attendance Software

With a paper-based system for timesheets it’s impossible to see your data when you need it the most. The process of capturing time data is different across business, but allocating, scheduling, and checking staff availability are integral to every business. Without proper time and attendance software  it will be difficult to ensure that time data is captured effectively and that staff are submitting timesheets correctly.

Forced workflows allow for simple data capture

When field staff submit timesheets on paper there is no way to ensure that the information is filled out correctly. It is easy to lose data or record the wrong information, creating a larger administrative burden for your payroll team making them sort through all the paperwork and manually chasing the slow responders, those typical employees or sub contractor’s who haven’t submitted the correct information.

Managing data with time and attendance software will ensure that timesheets are submitted correctly every time. Simple forced workflows prevent staff from submitting incomplete timesheets and prompt them to enter the required information. It is also possible to start and stop working hours using strong security measures such as facial recognition, security tags or password validation.

This information can then be automatically sent to the payroll team for approval. The timesheets can easily be approved or rejected and the staff member will be notified so that any issues can be fixed quickly and without fuss. All of this data is captured in ONE SYSTEM making it simple to keep track of time data.

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Integrate your time and attendance software with the applications you need

We have worked with some of the leading construction services and have provided them with a paperless system that was able to integrate their timesheets with MYOB to save them time chasing missing data every day. We understand that it is important to ensure systems are connected to simplify process and make the task of collation and submission easier. With an integrated system data can be seamlessly transferred between applications automatically.

With an integrated system you can ensure that timesheets, invoices, leave requests, and payroll are synchronised and accessible from your mobile or your computer.

Integrations can provide your business with the flexibility you need to make the critical task of paying your people efficient  thus ensuring that the business always runs smoothly and job profits are visible.

With a ” one system” design and the technology to support a primary business function like payroll, you should be able to integrate with these applications to streamline your processes:

  • MYOB Advanced
  • MYOB AccountRight
  • Xero
  • Microsoft Navision
  • Viewpoint Vista

Customise how you collect time and attendance data

Every business uses a different method for capturing time data, from a kiosk system, to a timesheets app, to paper timesheet forms and job completion records. 

Managing multiple systems separately for all these different aspects of your business can be very time-consuming. Due to the increasing advances in automation technology, custom integrations are becoming more and more important.

Using a customised system will allow your business to continue doing what it does best, except adding the benefit of streamlined processes and a simple-to-use interface.

It’s important to ensure your processes are aligned to maximise productivity and efficiency. Creating a custom system for managing time and attendance data will allow you to do this because your processes have made you successful and technology should deliver as you need it.

One System for time and attendance software could save your business money

With Kynection’s time and attendance software it is simple for project managers to stay on top of projects and ensure customers are invoiced correctly. Combining that with complicated allowances and payroll codes the simplicity of paying your teams to the last decimal place is actually very tedious.

Timesheet management is a sensitive and important part of every business, but without the proper technologies in place this process can become overly complicated. It’s critical to design a process that delivers end to end and doesn’t forego the benefits of automating payroll or job costing assessments.

Our time and attendance software ensures that time tracking is simple. Your team members will be able to use mobile devices in the field to record time spent on jobs and projects, then automatically send that data straight back to the office. Digitising your time tracking processes could be the best way to increase efficiency for your business.

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